• Dual Language Immersion Locations and Enrollment 

    During the 2021-2022 school year, there are 54 schools housing immersion programs affiliated with the World Language Expansion Initiative. These programs are located in 12 school districts across the state. There are 3 charter school immersion programs outside of the state initiative.  A PDF map of locations is available here:  Delaware Dual Language Immersion Map 2021-22.

    What to Expect from an Elementary Immersion Program

    Dual Language Immersion offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language; when their brains are hard-wired for language acquisition. Children at this age are adept at picking up language in meaningful contexts. In class, the Immersion-language teacher speaks only in that language and communicates using a wide range of engaging strategies including pictures, songs, games, body language, expressions, pantomime, drama, etc. After about halfway through kindergarten immersion study, students too will be encouraged to speak only in the immersion language during that portion of the day. From first grade forward both teachers and students will conduct all learning and conversations in the immersion language during that portion of the day. You will be delighted how quickly your child becomes a comfortable and competent speaker of either Chinese or Spanish.

    Who Can Participate

    Delaware Dual Language Immersion Programs are open to all Delaware students of varying backgrounds and abilities. Applications are open to all students enrolling in Kindergarten at one of the participating Delaware elementary schools.  Dual language immersion is a general education program, not a gifted or high ability program. Research has shown that the dual language immersion program is an effective educational option for children from diverse backgrounds and all ability levels.  Students with previous language ability, including English learners, may be able to enroll in an immersion program after kindergarten or grade 1 based on space availability and after converstions with school administrators.  Parents who feel that their child may have significant communication delays in their first language should weigh the pros and cons of enrolling their child in an immersion program and discuss enrollment with the school and district.

    Parent Responsibilities

    • Commit to long-term participation in the immersion program so that your child can develop advanced-level language skills
    • Develop an understanding of immersion education
    • Read with your child in English (or your home language) 20-30 minutes daily
    • Encourage the use of the immersion language outside of school
    • Encourage community support
    • Enjoy the challenges and celebrate the results

    How to Enroll

    For information about enrolling your child in one of the Delaware World Language Immersion Programs, contact a participating school or district.  Programs are currently available in the following school districts and charter schools:


Last Modified on September 9, 2021