• Visiting International Teacher Program 

    Current Visiting International Teachers

    Current Visiting International Teachers (VIT) will utilize this page to seek guidance on licensure-related matters, how to complete immigration-related processes, how to maintain your J-1 status and to find information about VIT upcoming events. Please reach out to lynn.fulton@doe.k12.de.us if you do not find the specific guidance you seek on this page​. 

    Cross-Cultural Activity Summary Report

    DDOE is required to collect a Cross-Cultural Activity Report from each VIT on an annual basis. Submission of this form is a requirement of the program and visa, regardless of whether you intend to return the following year. It is also a requirement for continuation within the program. How effectively a teacher meets these requirements will be a consideration for program-related requests that the host district or the sponsor might make to the State Department on behalf of the teacher, so please be comprehensive in filling out the form. These reports may be submitted to the U.S. State Department or used as part of annual reports to support the continuation of the program in Delaware. 

    Note that you are required to report on at least two activities – one in which you personally share aspects of your culture with the broader community (i.e. at local community festivals, with parents, with faculty/staff across your district) and one in which your students communicate and share information with students from a school in your home country.

    Submission of the Cross Cultural Activity Summary form is REQUIRED and intended to capture some of the richness of the cultural exchange which takes place each year. The activity form will be collected by DDOE staff near the end of each school year. Information will be sent to VITs via email regarding forms and deadlines approximately 2 months before the deadline.  VITs should review the Delaware VIT Cross-Cultural Activity Ideas document for additional information regarding activities.


    Travel Notifications and Travel Signatures

    VITs should notify the DDOE as their sponsor prior to any international travel by completing the J-1 Teacher International Travel Form.  DS-2019 Travel signatures are valid for one year and are required in order to be able to re-enter the U.S. from travel abroad.   Each spring, the DDOE will coordinate signing appointments with current VITs so that they may travel outside of the country should they choose to do so.  VITs should monitor email and the monthly “J-1 Teacher Update” for information about annual appointment windows.  Note that these are typically scheduled for mid- to late-May.


    Contact Information Updates

    VITs are required to maintain accurate contact information with the DDOE.  Should information change at any point during the year, you are required to notify DDOE within five (5) days of such a change.  Changes may include but are not limited to change of local US address or change of local US phone number.  It is your responsibility to complete the J-1 Contact Information Form online when a change is made so that your record can be updated in SEVIS.  Once the update is made, you will receive an email from DDOE confirming that your contact information has been updated.  Maintaining your J-1 status is dependent upon maintaining up-to-date contact information.


    Program Extensions

    Visiting International Teachers are eligible for a one or two-year program extension after three years if the host school/district is in agreement and willing to extend the employment contract for the additional time.  DDOE will provide program extension details to host districts in February with an in-depth email about the process.  The Visiting International Teacher must have submitted all required Cross-Cultural Activity Summaries and any other required materials to DDOE before we move forward with requesting the program extension. 

Last Modified on June 15, 2021