• Visiting International Teacher Program 

    The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is designated as a sponsor of an Exchange Visitor Program by the United States Department of State. Through this designation, DDOE can sponsor teachers from other countries, also known as Visiting International Teachers (VIT), to teach in Delaware through the Exchange Visitor Program for Teachers.

    General Information 

    Spanish Visiting Teacher Program

    To provide quality instruction in Spanish from native speakers of the language and to promote rich cross-cultural exchange, Delaware has a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Education of Spain that facilitates the placement of visiting educators from Spain in Delaware schools.  This MOU has been established as a means of promoting multi-cultural and educational understanding, creating a foundation for educating and connecting Delaware students, schools, communities and educators with other countries, and building support for multilingual education.


    Program Objectives

    The Visiting Teacher from Spain Program is authorized under the J1 visa program from the US Department of State and provides cultural and education exchange opportunities between Spanish teachers and American educational institutions. The overall goals of the program are:

    • to provide teachers from Spain with a cultural exchange to learn more about the United States
    • to provide teachers from Spain with an opportunity to be immersed in US pedagogy and methodology which will enrich their teaching when the return to Spain
    • to increase global awareness and understanding within the school and broader community
    • to increase understanding of the language, culture, and history of Spain
    • to provide the opportunity for Delaware students to interact with students from Spain


    Educator and Administrator Resources

    Additional program information for specific audiences can be found using the links below:


    Program Contacts

    Lynn Fulton-Archer
    Responsible Officer, BridgeUSA J-1 Visa Program
    Education Specialist, Dual Language Immersion
    Phone: 302-735-4226
    Email: lynn.fulton@doe.k12.de.us

    Shervon Bolden
    Alternate Responsible Officer, BridgeUSA J-1 Visa Program
    Administrative Secretary, World Languages and Dual Language Immersion
    Phone: 302-735-4175
    Email: shervon.bolden@doe.k12.de.us

Last Modified on September 9, 2021