CTE Policies & Procedures

POS Timeline
  • CTE Fiscal and Accountability Guidelines
    The DDOE has developed policies and procedures to more clearly define fiscal and accountability routines related to Career & Technical Education (CTE).  This work provides greater clarity for LEAs to develop, implement and improve CTE programs of study.  The revised policy took effect in the 2016-2017 school year.  

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  • CTE Teacher Certification Guidelines

    Career and Technical (CTE) Teacher Certification Requirements should be used to assist in the recruitment and employment of qualified CTE educators.  The sixteen (16) Career Clusters are represented in separate tabs, which are further delineated by career pathway and program of study to provide teacher certification requirements for all CTE programs.  Updates to the Skilled and Technical Sciences Teacher regulation were passed by the State Board of Education in June, 2016.

    Resources for LEA Staff

Last Modified on August 10, 2018