• Trauma-Informed Practices

    The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is committed to empowering every student to be successful in college, career and life. This success requires both academic and behavioral supports to assure that all students and school communities are protected, connected and respected.

    Developmental trauma and toxic stress hurt a person’s ability to form trust-based relationships, regulate and manage emotions, and develop age-appropriate problem-solving and coping skills. To support students, educators and families through trauma and toxic stress, DDOE works with districts and charter schools as well as youth-serving partners to create a statewide culture of care that promotes safe and supportive relationships, fosters healing and recovery for post-traumatic growth and moves from surviving to thriving. Central to this culture is a strong focus on brain science, attachment theory, and assessment and intervention strategies that support emotional regulation, self-care and resilience.


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Last Modified on January 7, 2021