• Public Comment

    The State Board of Education values input and feedback from Delaware citizens on the matters that come before it. State law dictates when and how an individual may provide comment on an item that comes before the State Board. Items with defined rules for providing public comment, include:

    By State law, in order to be considered in the State Board’s decision-making, comment on these items are required to be submitted in writing or via a public hearing (where applicable), within the comment period. Public comment on these matters is closed when the record is brought to the State Board of Education for a decision and public comment is not permitted at that time. For this reason, members of the public will only be allowed to make oral comments to the State Board following the Board’s votes on these matters. More information on how to provide comment on these matters, can be found at the links above.

    Other topics for public comment may include:

    • Items without a public comment period: Individuals and/or groups may provide public comment on an agenda item that is on the Board’s agenda for action, which does not have a defined public comment period (as outlined above).  For example, an emergency regulation.
    • General public comment: Individuals and/or groups may choose to provide general comments to the Board.

    Process for Providing Public Comment at Board meetings

    • Public Comment at Regular Board Meetings: Members of the public are welcome to speak before the State Board of Education during the scheduled public comment period at every regular board meeting. Public comment sign-up sheets are located at the entrance of the Board meeting room on the day of the meeting. While meetings are held virtually, persons wishing to address the Board can email their name, the name of their group (if speaking on behalf of a group), and the topic of their comment to Delaware.SBE@sbe.k12.de.us by 4pm on the day of the meeting. Opportunity to sign up will also be provided during the meeting. At the designated time, the Board President will read the names on the sign-up sheet in the order in which individuals have signed up.
    • Written Public Comment: Members of the public are welcome to provide written comment to the State Board of Education on items that do not have a set comment period, as outlined above. Written comment will be posted online monthly and provided to State Board of Education members prior to the next regular monthly meeting of the Board. Comment should be addressed to Delaware.SBE@sbe.k12.de.us with the subject line “Public Comment”.

    To provide all members of the public with an equal opportunity to speak to the board, each organization is limited to three minutes and individuals are limited to two minutes, unless otherwise noted.

    Please Note: Normally, the Board will not respond to questions by or engage in a dialogue with those offering comments in writing or during the Board meeting, but may respond in writing to a person or group.

    If you have questions about how to provide comment on a topic, please email the Board’s executive director for more information.

    For meeting information, please see the Public Meeting Calendar.

Last Modified on March 9, 2021