• District and Charter Remote Learning Plans

    In his March 23, 2020 letter on school closures, Governor Carney directed schools in Delaware to remain closed through May 15 and shared that districts and charters were working with their staffs to create remote instruction plans so students can continue to learn during the COVID-19 crisis. Districts and charter schools were required to submit a remote learning plan to the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) by Friday, April 3, 2020. Plans should account for the completion of 1060 hours (grades K-11), 1032 hours (grade 12) and 188 teacher days no later than June 30, 2020. Learn more about additional remote learning plan requirements.

    Because districts and charters have had to determine how to reach all students, including the most vulnerable, remote learning plans differ throughout the state. In developing remote learning plans, school communities have had to consider the availability or access to the internet and devices, English learners, and the needs of their students with IEPs and 504 plans. Individual districts and charters must also make local decisions that take into consideration the health, safety, and well-being of all their students and staff members during this unprecedented time.

    District and charter school remote learning plans are listed below. DDOE and the Delaware Department of Information and Technology are supporting schools in planning and preparation and, to the extent possible, the delivery of social and related services. The continued support from families and local stakeholders is appreciated as well.

    We are adding plans as we receive them. If you do not see a school listed yet, visit the school's website or check back later.

Last Modified on September 10, 2020