• COVID-19 Information for Nonpublic Schools

    Due to the current State of Emergency and the closure of Delaware public schools, the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) will operate the nonpublic school process in a limited capacity.

    The application process is open online; however, nonpublic schools will be approved only if the DDOE can complete the student verification process. For those nonpublic school applications that cannot be verified, the verification will occur once public school resumes.

    If you choose to begin homeschooling before your school has been approved by the DDOE, please make sure to keep an academic portfolio for your student. Also, please be aware that the DDOE will not backdate any open date or enrollment date, but will approve the school with the enrollment date listed on the application.

    The DDOE will not determine any action steps and/or closure decisions for nonpublic schools; homeschools and private schools. 

    For specific information regarding actions being taken and/or school closures, please reach out to the individual private school.

    For nonpublic school support email nps@doe.k12.de.us.

Last Modified on May 5, 2020