• Participation in the Delaware Communication Portfolio Summary (DCPS)

    In addition to the alternate assessment, Delaware state law requires a portfolio option be available to students with intense communication needs. DOE created the Delaware Communication Portfolio Summary (DCPS) to fulfill this requirement.

    DCPS is designed for students who – even with accommodations do not have a consistent and reliable means of communication that is understood by others. The purpose of DCPS is to measure the development of these students’ communication skills throughout the school year.

    When a student is shown to be eligible for participation in the DeSSA-Alt after completion and review of the DeSSA-Alt Decision-Making Tool, students may also be considered for possible use of the DCPS. The DCPS Participation Guidelines are found in Appendix B-8 of the Accessibility Guidelines. However, the DCPS students must participate in the DeSSA-Alt. This participation allows the student to be counted as a participant for accountability purposes, as required by federal regulations, and also results in the student receiving a score for the administered statewide assessments.


Last Modified on May 25, 2023