• Homeschool and Private School Considerations

    Homeschools and private schools must register with the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE); however, DDOE does not provide, endorse, accredit, approve or monitor curriculum for private schools or homeschools, or validate any type of credentials provided by these schools. 

    Please note the following before establishing a homeschool or private school in Delaware:

    • DDOE does not recommend or provide curriculum for homeschools or private schools

      Homeschools and private schools are responsible for selecting all courses, course work, materials and supplies needed for students to engage in their education. 

      Online curriculum - or an online school - is not an open Delaware homeschool or private school. Instead, it is the curriculum a homeschool or private school can choose to use once the homeschool or private school is in open status with DDOE. Online schools operate under home and private schools, with the homeschools and private schools still responsible for reporting student enrollment and attendance to DDOE.

    • DDOE does not provide funding to homeschools or private schools

      Homeschools and private schools are almost fully funded through tuition paid for by students' families. Additional funding may be available through government subsidies and non-profit organizations; however, homeschools and private schools are responsible for locating these resources. 

      DDOE does not charge a fee for homeschool or private school registration.

    • DDOE does not issue, retain or validate diplomas or credentials for homeschools or private schools

      Homeschool and private school diplomas are issued and verified directly by the homeschool or private school. DDOE can confirm:

      • Student enrollment
      • When a home or private school was registered and open with DDOE
      • If annual attendance and enrollment were reported
    • DDOE does not keep home or private school student records, such as grades, day-to-day attendance information or test scores 

      Home and private schools should keep an academic portfolio for each student containing all relevant academic information, including but not limited to:

      • Curriculum
      • Report cards and promotion
      • Diplomas
      • State Assessments

      Students may need this information for college admissions, career readiness or for special circumstances, such as a re-entry to a Delaware public school. DDOE recommends families retain such records as well, in case they need this information in the future. 

      Please note: DDOE cannot ensure that a student's next step will acknowledge records and/or diploma information from an open Delaware home or private school. Schools and families may wish to contact a college, university, training program, licensing entities, or employer to determine if specific credentials are accepted.

    • DDOE does not issue report cards for any homeschool or private school

      Report cards are issued directly by homeschools and private schools. These schools determine their own pass criteria and promotion to the next grade level. Grade promotion is reported to DDOE with the required annual enrollment submission, no later than October 5 of each year.

    • DDOE does not determine if a student at a home or private school is qualified for promotion to the next grade level 

      Both grading and promotion are determined by the primary contact/administrator of a homeschool or private school.

    • DDOE does not administer or provide state-level testing for homeschools or private schools

      Homeschools and private schools can choose to contract with companies to offer PSAT, SAT, ACT or Advanced Placement (AP) exams to their students. These private options typically cost money. DDOE cannot recommend any specific private option for this testing.

    • DDOE does not sign social security forms for homeschools or private schools

      Administrators of homeschools and private schools are required to sign these documents

    Additional Considerations

    • Participation in public school sports

      Under Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) regulations 1008 and 1009, students in homeschools or private schools who want to participate in interscholastic school sports must be enrolled full-time at a DIAA member school. See a list of DIAA member schools here.

    • Participation in drivers education

      Under DDOE Regulation 540, students in a Delaware homeschool or private school who are also residents of Delaware are entitled to one free drivers education course through an adult education program. Students may take these courses through:

      • A district adult education program
      • The YMCA of Dover

      The following documents are required:

      An acknowledgement page showing the student’s enrollment in a Delaware homeschool or private school. For a copy of the acknowledgement page, log onto DDOE’s EdAccess - select the nonpublic schools icon - print acknowledgement.

      A copy of the student’s recent report card/grades for verification of eligibility for free driver education and to prove academic eligibility for a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) pursuant to 14 C. § 4125.

      Please note: Driver education courses are offered for free but may include a registration fee depending on location. Students who are not successful in their initial driver education course may register for an additional adult driver education program for a fee.

      For more information on Driver Education, please visit the driver education page.

Last Modified on August 17, 2020