• Student enrollment, withdrawal requirements

    Delaware students between age 5 (by August 31st of the school year) and 15 must be enrolled in a public school, homeschool or private school. Please see the following requirements for students enrolling in or withdrawing from homeschools or private schools in Delaware.

    Students who do not follow the requirements outlined below are at risk for potential truancy violations.

    Enroll in a homeschool, private school

    The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) recommends that students and families research private schools and homeschools prior to enrolling. Each school's accreditation, curriculum, grading and promotion policies, document-retention policies and more can vary between schools. (Learn more: Private school, homeschool considerations)

    Students interested in enrolling in a Delaware homeschool or private school must:

    1. Complete the enrollment process with a homeschool or private school; the school must be registered and in open status with DDOE
    2. Get from the homeschool or private school a copy of the student's enrollment acknowledgement form (the school downloads this from the nonpublic school application)
    3. Withdraw from the local or current school; the student's family must present the acknowledge page in order to withdraw

    Please note: If the student has not been enrolled in a Delaware public school due to a move or is just entering kindergarten, the student is not required to withdraw from the local or current school.

    Withdraw from a homeschool, private school

    Students wishing to withdrawal from a homeschool must work with their school administrators to:

    1. Get an acknowledgement letter from the homeschool or private school showing that the student has been withdrawn from the school
    2. Get an accurate academic portfolio for the homeschool or private that includes student course and grade information, copies of report cards and any relevant student information
    3. Students who are 15 or younger must re-enroll in a public school, homeschool or private school

    Re-enroll in public school

    Students who withdraw from a Delaware homeschool or private school must have an acknowledgement letter from the school stating that the student is no longer enrolled. Families will need this acknowledgement letter and an accurate academic portfolio to re-enroll the student in a Delaware public school.

    Please note: It is the public school's decision which grade level a student is placed in when re-enrolled. Families may want to contact the schools before enrolling to dosciss grade-level requirements.

Last Modified on August 16, 2020