• Charter School Board Governance Training

    The Charter School Office is pleased to offer the following online Charter School Board Governance training via Schoology. The Charter School Office has partnered with Education Board Partners (EBP) and the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center at WestEd (MACC) to provide this online training at no cost. Charter board members can complete the trainings at their convenience. The trainings consist of three hour-long sessions (see course descriptions below).

    Completion of all three sessions will satisfy the State’s charter school board governance training requirement (see below). These sessions are specifically designed for charter school boards of directors to build the effectiveness of both new and seasoned charter board members. Students are best served when charter schools have strong, strategic, and effective boards.

    14 Del. Code § 512 (15): The school shall have a satisfactory plan to ensure the effectiveness of its board of trustees, including governance trainings conducted for any new board members and at a minimum of once every 3 years;

    An Identity Management System (IMS) account is required to register for the courses. If you already have an EdAccess account (formerly IMS), you can access the training through the PDMS application (see course numbers listed above) on the EdAccess, simliar to the Financial Responsibility Training. Please click the link below for the registration instructions. For best results, use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser when completing the online training. Issues have been reported when using Internet Explorer.

    Course Registration Instructions 

    Instructions for Printing Course Completion Certificates

    For questions or assistance, please contact John Carwell.

    Course Descriptions

    • Session 1: Great Schools Need Great Boards: How effective is your charter school board? (Course # 28301)

      Description: Being a highly-effective charter school governing board requires assembling a diverse team, ensuring that everyone has a role and knows how to do it well, and providing quality monitoring of the school leader. How is your board doing in these areas? Is your board able to diagnose and solve common governance challenges? Has your board created the conditions for school staff to be able to do their best work? Join Charter Board Partners for an engaging, information-packed live webinar that can help you be more effective as a charter school board member.

    • Session 2: School Leaders Need Love Too: Does your charter school board provide the evaluation and support that school leaders need and want? (Course # 28302)

      Description: Many organizations and most charter school boards do not effectively and consistently support and evaluate their leaders in ways that improve performance. Charter school boards are responsible and accountable for school performance, and conducting a strong, professional, annual evaluation is its most powerful lever. Join Charter Board Partners for a live webinar to guide you in conducting equitable, efficient, and rigorous evaluations for your school leader.

    • Session 3: The Board’s Role in Academic Oversight: How do you know whether students are on track to achieve at high levels? (Course # 28303)

      Description: Every member of a charter school governing board needs to understand that the overall success or failure of their school rests with that board. The board holds the charter and is therefore responsible for upholding all commitments made in that charter. And, ownership of academic results is the main differentiator between being a board member on a charter school board and another kind of nonprofit board. Join Charter Board Partners for a live webinar to guide you in understanding how charter school board members provide effective academic oversight.

Last Modified on September 10, 2020