Preschool Development Grant (Birth to Five)

  • In December 2018, Delaware was awarded a $4.2 million Preschool Development Grant (PDG B-5) to help strengthen the state's early childhood system. This grant will enable the state to prepare all young children to enter kindergarten ready to learn and will greatly improve their transitions from early childhood programs to the K-12 school system.

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    Weeks in Delaware:

    Activities in Delaware:

    Week 3

    July 22-26

    Immerse & Inspire

    ·         Field Research with Families & Professionals

    ·         Expert interviews

    ·         Remote Survey Research

    ·         Research Snapshot Meeting

    Week 4

    July 29-Aug 2

    Week 8

    August 26-30

    Design & Iterate

    ·         Insights + Opportunities Meeting

    ·         Feedback sessions with families and stakeholders

    Week 10

    September 9-13

    Capture & Communicate

    ·         Story gathering in the field

    Opportunities - User Experience Needs Assessment

    Delaware’s early childhood state agencies wants to learn about families’ experiences so that we can change the early childhood system in the right ways. Our team is engaging in a “Design Research”’ activity to learn what families need to support their children’s growth, development, and learning from birth into kindergarten. 

    We want to hear from you! We want to know your experience! We want you to share your story!

    Help re-design Delaware’s Early Childhood system for your family! Read more about the process and get involved here:

    Data Systems Needs Assessment

    Delaware’s early childhood state agencies are also assessing how the State can integrate B-5 data systems, including how to count the unduplicated number of children receiving and awaiting services in the State’s mixed delivery system. 

    Project Description

    Initially, the federal Preschool Development Grant, Birth through Five (PDG B-5) requires states to complete a comprehensive statewide birth through five needs assessment and subsequent strategic planning to determine current needs and priorities for its early learning system. Activities must include parent choice and knowledge about the various early learning systems and sharing best practices prior to implementation of any quality initiatives that it identifies in its strategic plan.

    Specific grant objectives require Delaware to:

      1. Develop, update, or implement a strategic plan – based on what is learned through a statewide B-5 needs assessment – that facilitates collaboration and coordination among existing programs of early childhood care and education in a mixed delivery system across the state designed to prepare low-income and disadvantaged children to enter kindergarten and to improve transitions from such systems into the local educational agency or elementary school
      2. Ensure efficient use of existing federal, state, local, and non-governmental resources to align and strengthen the delivery of existing programs; coordinate the delivery models and funding streams existing in the state's mixed delivery system; and develop recommendations to better use existing resources
      3. Encourage partnerships among Head Start, childcare and pre-k providers, state and local governments, Indian tribes and tribal organizations, private entities (including faith- and community- based entities), and local educational agencies
      4. Maximize parental choice and knowledge about the State’s mixed delivery system of early childhood education program providers

    Delaware’s long-term early childhood education goals must align with the purpose of the federal PDG B-5 grant opportunity. To that end, Delaware seeks to understand the experiences of families and early childhood professionals navigating the existing birth to five system through its comprehensive needs assessment. As a result, subsequent policy and identified solutions will be found through an analysis of the true needs of Delaware's children and families.

    This project will build on the progress Delaware has made in strengthening its services and supports for its youngest learners and their families and provides an opportunity to renew the state’s current five-year early childhood strategic plan that ended in 2018 (Sustaining Early Success, Delaware’s Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive Early Childhood System, 2013). Subsequently, the needs assessment and strategic plan will occur during calendar year 2019.

    Supporting Documents

    PDG B-5 FAQ

    Initial Application

    Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan Information


    July 2019 Update

    June 2019 Update

    April 2019 Update

    March 2019 Update 


Last Modified on July 26, 2019