• Resources for School Administrators

    Improving science instruction is not just for the teachers in the classroom, but also the administrators who are charged with leading them. The new science standards are changing the way we teach. A classroom may be noisy or appear chaotic, until you look closer and see that kids are actually DOING science. These resources are designed to help administrative staff understand how to promote and effectively evaluate Framework-inspired lessons and Three Dimensions of Learning.

    "Administrators' understanding of and support for the changes in science instruction and learning goals is essential, particularly at the elementary level. Teachers need ongoing support beyond the first year of implementation to integrate the changes into their teaching style and instructional decision making."
    - Guide to Implementing Next Gen Science Standards

    "Professional development focused on students' thinking and analysis of instruction is more effective than professional development focused only on improving teachers' content knowledge in science."
    - Guide to Implementing Next Gen Science Standards

Last Modified on August 30, 2023