• Training in Early Care and Education 1 and 2

    Training in Early Care and Education (TECE 1 and 2) is a comprehensive program that prepares early childhood educators to support children birth to five in early childhood classrooms.  Educators gain an understanding of child development, building positive teacher-child relationships, planning effective lessons, and managing time and space in the classroom.

    In Delaware, TECE 1 and 2 can be taken online OR in-person towards Delaware First early childhood educator certification.

    In-Person Training in Early Care and Education (TECE 1 and 2)

    Delaware accepts in-person coursework offered by vocational schools and institutes of higher education for TECE 1 and 2.  TECE 1 and 2 is taught by educators in-person through courses or a series of sessions.  As a result, students will complete coursework within a cohort of peers.

    Please see the list of educational institutions regarding their upcoming course schedules.

    Online Training in Early Care and Education (TECE 1 and 2 = CDA Equivalence)

    Delaware accepts online training offered by certified third party organizations for TECE 1 and 2. When taken online, TECE 1 and 2 coursework is equivalent to the 120 hours of preservice learning required by the Council for Professional Recognition to earn a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential.  The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education (ECE) and is a key stepping stone on the path of career advancement in ECE.

    Organizations with expertise in early childhood have been recognized by the Council for Professional Recognition to achieve the CDA Gold Standard. Therefore, any organization’s online coursework that has successfully met the Councils CDA Gold Standard criteria in all eight subject areas will count as TECE 1 and 2. Delaware will only accept evidence of completion of 120 hours of online coursework from one of these organizations to fulfill TECE 1 and 2 requirements towards Delaware First certification.  All online Child Development Associate Credential coursework programs that meet this criteria can be found at http://www.cdacouncil.org/resources/find-training.

    Please note that completing the 120 coursework hours required for TECE 1 and 2 (a Delaware-specific requirement for Delaware First early childhood educator certification) does not mean you have completed the national CDA Credential.  The national CDA Credential requires additional steps for completion. Please refer to the Child Development Associate Credential tab if you wish to complete the entire CDA Credential process.

Last Modified on August 13, 2019