• State Board of Education Members and Activities

    The State Board of Education consists of nine members. Seven voting members who are appointed by the Governor, approved by the Senate. Two non-voting members appointed by the Governor.

    Members have residence in each of Delaware’s counties and the city of Wilmington, belong to different political parties, and bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the work. At least two members have previously served on a local board of education.

    State Board of Education members hold a number of committee assignments. Details on Board committee participation in 2020 and 2021 can be found below. Information about previous committee assignments can be found in the State Board of Education’s annual reports. Biographies on each Board member can be found on the State Board of Education’s eBoard page.

    Questions about the State Board of Education may be directed to Jenna Ahner by email or by calling 302-735-4010.

    Whitney Sweeney, President

    Picture of Whitney Sweeney

    Serves at the pleasure of the Governor


    P-20 Council, co-chair

    Member, University of Delaware Board of Trustees (ex-officio)


    Shawn Brittingham, Vice President

    Shawn Brittingham

    Term expires 2027


    Member, School Choice Barrier Committee

    Candice Fifer

    Picture of Candice Fifer

    Term expires 2024


    Member, ESSA Advisory Committee

    Member, Teacher of the Year Selection Committee

    NASBE Whole Child Policy Study Group

    Vincent Lofink

    Picture of Vincent Lofink

    Term expires 2023


    Member, Charter School Accountability Committee (non-voting)

    Dr. Audrey Noble

    Picture of Audrey Noble

    Term expires 2027


    Member, Charter School Accountability Committee (non-voting)

    Member, Delaware School Boards Association (DSBA) Board of Directors

    Member, H. Fletcher Brown Scholarship Selection Committee

    National Association of State Board of Education (NASBE) Board of Directors

    Chair, NASBE Government Affairs Committee

    Rev. Provey Powell, Jr.

    Picture of Provey Powell

    Term expires 2025


    Member, Vision Coalition of Delaware

    Member, Reopening Schools Working Group, Health and Wellness Committee

    Member, Delaware Postsecondary Equity Leadership Team

    Wali W. Rushdan II

    Picture of Wali Rushdan

    Term expires 2024


    Member, Equalization Committee

    Member, Charter School Accountability Committee (non-voting)

    Wendy Turner

    Picture of Wendy Turner


    Member, 2017 State Teacher of the Year

    Member, DPAS II Advisory Committee (non-voting)

    Elise Sampson

    Picture of Elise Sampson

    Susan Bunting

    Picture of Susan Bunting

    Secretary of Education and Executive Secretary for the State Board of Education


    Jenna Ahner

    Picture of Jenna Ahner

    Executive Director


Last Modified on August 9, 2021