• Fourth Steering Committee Meeting

    Posted by Brian Ablaza on 3/14/2019

    The Rubric Redesign Steering Committee held its fourth meeting on March 7 in Dover. The committee took a break in February to allow time for the DDOE team to synthesize committee feedback and to create the first draft of the observation rubric. During the March meeting, committee members tested the draft using the rubric with video, and provided feedback and recommendations for rubric edits. The committee also prepared to test the rubric in classrooms during the month of March. Rubric testing will allow committee members to use the rubric in a variety of classroom types and contexts, and to identify feedback specific to the usability of the draft tool. In April, committee members will reconvene to share their reflections after testing and to make additional updates.

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  • Third Steering Committee meeting

    Posted by Brian Ablaza on 1/14/2019

    The Steering Committee held its third meeting on January 9 in Camden Wyoming. Prior to this meeting, the DOE staff reviewed the recommendations that the committee made for content from the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards for what should be included in the DE rubric. At the January 9 meeting, the committee reviewed the DDOE’s draft of buckets of content for the rubric. The committee first viewed a video of teaching in an attempt to identify language that was clear, and language that should be clearer. Then, the committee worked in groups to provide specific recommendations for adjustments to the draft, and shared their overall feedback about what should be included and what should be added.

    Next up, the DDOE team will review feedback from the committee and create the first draft of the DE rubric. The committee will reconvene March 7 to review and begin to test this draft. Stay tuned to the Rubric Revision Steering Committee website for updates and a sneak peek of the draft.

    If you have ideas or feedback for consideration by the committee, please email: DPASII.trrp@doe.k12.de.us.

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  • Second Steering Committee meeting

    Posted by Brian Ablaza on 12/14/2018

    The Rubric Redesign Steering Committee held its second meeting on December 12 in Dover. During this meeting, committee members focused on identifying content for the teacher evaluation rubric being redesigned. The committee referenced two resources and made recommendations on expectations for teachers, and for students, that should be considered for the next iteration of the teacher rubric.

    The InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards were adopted by Delaware in 2014 to serve as the guiding professional standards for teachers. Committee members reviewed the standards to identify content that is directly observable in classrooms, and recommend content for the rubric. The committee also read the recent research report The Opportunity Myth which outlines a core challenge facing schools in the U.S.: far too many students are graduating underprepared for college. The report identifies four key resources that students need in schools to be successful. Committee members considered how these resources would be present in classrooms and what teaching and learning would look like in classrooms that are best serving kids. These considerations also informed the content committee members recommended.

    The committee will reconvene on January 9 to review the content they recommended bucketed into categories, and to begin drafting out the rubric.

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  • Steering Committee Selected

    Posted by Brian Ablaza on 12/11/2018

    The Delaware Department of Education is pleased to announce the educators that have been selected to serve on the Rubric Redesign Steering Committee. Committee members were selected based on the quality of their application and the DDOE’s desire to engage a diverse, representative group of stakeholders in the core redesign committee.

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  • First Steering Committee meeting

    Posted by Brian Ablaza on 11/19/2018

    The Rubric Redesign Steering Committee held its first meeting on November 19 in Dover. The meeting focused on providing opportunities for members to get to know one another and better understand the work ahead. The committee also dedicated time to examining different structural features of rubrics in use elsewhere. Members used rubrics to observe classrooms and to discuss how these structural features influenced their use of the rubrics. The committee began to identify structural features that the redesigned teacher rubric should contain. Special thanks to the principal, teachers and students at POLYTECH High School for hosting the committee for classroom observations!

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