Tiered Reimbursement

  • Tiered Reimbursement is a financial incentive available to child care providers with a Delaware Stars for Early Success rating of 3 or higher.  It provides ongoing financial support to programs as they work towards continuous quality improvement.  Tiered reimbursement is intended to support programs in their quality of care, providing quality professional development, and the recruitment and retention of high-quality staff.

    Tiered Reimbursement provides additional funding for serving children who receive Purchase of Care (POC). The reimbursement rate is determined by the program type, county, child’s age, and attendance. Payments are linked to the attendance that is submitted to POC each month. While POC is administered by the Department of Health and Social Services and Tiered Reimbursement is administered by the Department of Education, Tiered Reimbursement payments are made through the POC system.

    Information for Child Care Partners

    Tiered Reimbursement Rates (daily)

      Tiered Reimbursement Rates (daily)

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