• The Delaware Department of Education is revising the DPAS-II Teacher Evaluation System!

    The final draft of the Classroom Teacher Observation Tool is now available.

    Want to learn more about Delaware's teacher evaluation redesign? General information sessions on the Delaware Educator Growth and Support System are now available!

    Engage with interested educators on the overview of the redesign, history of the work and what to expect. Attendees can ask questions and will also hear from members of the redesign steering committee. Contact angela.socorso@doe.k12.de.us with questions. 

    • Session dates: Feb. 17, March 17, April 13, April 29, May 10, and May 25
    • Time: 3:00 to 4:00 pm
    • 45 – 60 minutes via zoom
    • Open to all Delaware educators
    • Register via PDMS #29497

    DPAS-II is the second edition of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System. Much has changed since the DPAS-II rubric was introduced several years ago. So, the DDOE is engaged in a multi-year process to redesign the rubric so that it best meets the needs of Delaware’s teachers and students. The redesign is occurring in the following phases:

    • 2018-2019: Rubric design by a Steering Committee of educators
    • 2019-2020: Phase I Implementation to test and revise the rubric, determine potential process changes, develop communications, training and resources
    • 2020-2021: Transition year to engage a broad group of stakeholders to prepare to pilot the rubric in multiple districts across the state
    • 2021-2022: Phase II to test the rubric and proposed process changes in multiple districts across the state
    • 2022-2023: Phase III Full implementation of the new system

    There are two core priorities driving our work during 2020-2021 transition year:

    • Engage stakeholders: We are focused on engaging educators across the state to introduce the redesigned rubric and process and to begin to build understanding of the rubric content in preparation to implement broadly.
    • Prepare and implement training: We will begin to train educators in participating LEAs beginning in spring 2021.

    For an overview of the new teacher evaluation system processes, search PDMS for course #29151.

    Steering Committee and Working Group Meetings

    The Steering Committee and Working Groups will meet on the following dates to pursue the objectives above.

    Steering Committee

    October 15
    November 19
    December 17
    January 21

    Are you familiar with the opportunity myth?

    Opportunity Myth is a report that highlights ways to improve instruction, so that the education our student's receive is equal to their promise regardless of their background - Opportunity Myth

    According to the Opportunity Myth, there are 4 key resources students need in their daily experiences:

    1. Consistent opportunities to work on grade-appropriate assignments

    2. Strong instruction, where students do most of the thinking in a lesson

    3. Deep engagement in what they’re learning

    4. Teachers who hold high expectations for students and believe they can meet grade-level standards

    Recent Updates

    All updates are available on our Updates page

    How can I get updates on the DPAS-II redesign?

    Keep watch on this page for more information about the rubric revision process, and for additional opportunities to provide feedback! You can also see older updates on our Updates page.

    If you have questions about the rubric revisions or about the Steering Committee, please email email Angela Socorso.

Last Modified on March 23, 2021