• CAECC Membership

    Committee Chair

    • Teri Quinn Gray, President, State Board of Education

    Committee Staff

    • ____________, Director
    • Donna Johnson, Chair Liaison and Director of Stakeholder Engagement

    Committee Members

    • Lindsay O’Mara, Education Policy Advisor to Governor Jack A. Markell
    • Steve Godowsky, Secretary of Education, Delaware Department of Education
    • Frederika Jenner, President, Delaware State Education Association (DSEA)
    • Jeff Taschner, Executive Director, Delaware State Education Association (DSEA)
    • Mark Holodick, President, Chief State Officers Association; Superintendent, Brandywine School District
    • Kim Williams, Representative, District 19
    • David Sokola, Chair, Senate Education Committee; Senator, District 8
    • Joseph Miro, Representative, District 22
    • Brian Pettyjohn, Senator, District 19
    • Meaghan Brennan, Director, Budget Development, Planning & Administration, Office of Management & Budget
    • Michael Morton, Controller General, Office of the Controller General
    • Kevin Carson, Executive Director, Delaware Association of School Administrators
Last Modified on September 7, 2018