• Delaware Social Studies Assessment

    Assessments are an integral part of the instructional cycle and fulfill several purposes for educators, students, parents, policy makers, and community members. Assessments administered at the state, district/charter, and school levels combine to form a system of assessments with the goal of supporting student growth.

    Delaware’s state social studies assessment – or test – helps students, families and teachers understand each student’s strengths and areas for growth on the state’s standards for social studies . The state’s standards for social studies outline what students should learn in each grade. Each state sets its own standards. Delaware adopted its original social studies standards in 1995, and refreshed these standards in 2017 to be more current. The goal of the social studies standards is to make certain all students leave Delaware schools able to become informed and active citizens who accept their responsibilities, understand their rights, and participate actively in society and government.

    The state’s social studies test is just one measure for understanding how a student is progressing in social studies. Other measures include the student’s grades, classroom exams, district-wide tests, and more. Working with the Delaware Social Studies Coalition , Delaware teachers helped develop Delaware’s social studies assessment.

    Please Note: Delaware is currently revising its social studies test to match the state’s refreshed standards. The information on this page describes Delaware’s revised test, which will be given to students staring in the 2018-19 school year. Timeline

    Delaware Transitions to Innovative Through Assessment System for Social Studies by SY2024-2025; Field Tests Begin Fall of 2021

    General Overview
    Family and Educator Resources

    Provides families and educators with information and resources about in-class social studies instruction. Maintained by the Delaware Department of Education Standards and Instruction workgroup.

    SSCD is a partnership organization committed to improving the quality of K-12 social studies education in Delaware. One area of emphasis involves finding ways to help all Delaware public school students reach the Delaware Social Studies Standards.

    • Accessibility Guidelines Training

    Contains the accessibility features policies and procedures for the following assessments: English language arts (ELA)/literacy and mathematics, science and social Studies, end-of-course assessments (US History, Algebra II and Integrated Math III) and the alternate assessment (Alt-1) for reading, mathematics, science, and social Studies. The accessibility guidelines are now housed in Schoology. Contact Michelle Jackson for the access code.

Last Modified on June 17, 2022