• Delaware Mathematics Assessment

    Assessments are an integral part of the instructional cycle and fulfill several purposes for educators, students, parents, policy makers, and community members. Assessments administered at the state, district/charter, and school levels combine to form a system of assessments with the goal of supporting student growth.
    Delaware’s mathematics assessment helps students, families and teachers determine each student’s strengths and areas for growth on the state's standards for math. This assessment is just one measure for determining your child’s progress in school. Other measures include your child's grades, classroom assignments, district-wide tests and more.

    Delaware teachers helped to develop Smarter’s mathematics assessment. The Smarter Balanced Assessment System has three components: summative assessments, designed for accountability purposes; interim assessments, designed to support teaching and learning throughout the year; and formative assessment processes, supported by professional learning and instructional resources in the Digital Library.


    General Overview

    Overview of High School Smarter Interims Administration Requirements  Webinar Recording (Oct 10, 2019)

    Family and Educator Resources

    Includes an overview of using Smarter Analytics to guide instruction, webinars, and claim and target crosswalks for grades K-8.

    Summative test blueprints that reflect refinements and revisions after the analysis of the Pilot and Field Tests. Describe the content of the ELA/Literacy and Mathematics Summative Assessments in grades 3‒8, and how that content will be assessed to reflect the depth and breadth of the performance expectations for the CCSS. Provide information about the number of items, score points, and depth of knowledge for items associated with each assessment target. Also continue to guide the development of items and performance tasks, score reporting, and ongoing research.

    • Parent Reports

                 Provides Family and Educator resources for Smarter score reports and guides for student success. 

                    Smarter Summative Report - English

                    Smarter Summative Report - Spanish

                    Parent Report Interpretive Guide

                    Parent Guides contain Content required for each grade and links for additional resources. 

                       Grade 4     Grade 5      Grade 6      Grade 7     Grade 8      High School       

    Contains the accessibility features policies and procedures for the following assessments: English language arts (ELA)/literacy and mathematics, science and social Studies, end-of-course assessments (US History, Algebra II and Integrated Math III) and the alternate assessment (Alt-1) for reading, mathematics, science, and social Studies.

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