• Delaware System of Student Assessment (DeSSA)

    Welcome to the State of Delaware Assessment website. This site is maintained by Delaware's Office of Assessment workgroup and provides information and resources about the Delaware System of Student Assessment (DeSSA).

    Assessment is an integral part of the instructional cycle and fulfills several purposes for educators, students, parents, policy makers, and community members. Assessments administered at the state, district/charter, and school levels combine to form a system of assessments with the goal of supporting student growth.

    Our goal is to assist districts and charter schools throughout Delaware in their mission to prepare students for their college and career goals after high-school. 

    DeSSA Assessments
    Delaware administers the following statewide assessments:
    General Overview

    While the Delaware content standards provide clear expectations for student learning, assessment is the process for collecting evidence of every learner's knowledge, skills, competencies, or behaviors. The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) emphasizes the need for each state to offer students a balanced assessment system (BAS). Delaware's balanced system of assessments allows educators and students to measure learning not just each spring during statewide testing, but throughout the year to inform ongoing instruction as well. 

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    DeSSA offers students, families and educators multiple types of assessments to measure student learning:

    • Summative Assessments:

      Administered after the material is taught. Nearly all DeSSA summative assessments occur each spring. DeSSA's summative assessments support ongoing instruction at the end of the year and into the next school year. Examples: Smarter ELA/math, NAEP, SAT.

    • Interim Assessments:

      Administered during instruction to measure knowledge and skills to inform the classroom, district, or state level. Examples: End-of-unit tests, Smarter interims.

    • Benchmarks:

      Measures ongoing learning while there is still time to change instruction. Benchmarks alert teachers to student needs.  

    Parent and Educator Resources
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