• State Board Meeting Highlights February 15, 2018

    The State Board of Education held its Regular Monthly Board Meeting on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. 

    All materials and presentations from the meeting can be accessed on the online meeting platform posted within each month’s agenda as posted on our website (www.destateboarded.k12.de.us ).  

    • Here is a direct link to the agenda complete with links and attached documents related to presentations and other items before the Board:  SBE Monthly Meeting Agenda

    The audio recording from the meeting is now posted on the State Board website.  An index of the recording with live links by section is copied below.


    • The Board  entered into Executive Session to discuss Student Appeal records after initial approval of the agenda and minutes.  Following executive session, the Board came back to open session to take action on each appeal.  The Board voted to accept the recommendation of the hearing officer, overturning the action of the district in both appeals.
    • Board members discussed events and meetings in which they had been involved throughout the month during their monthly reports.  The Executive Director presented her report which included discussion of the recent TEDx Education event in Wilmington, latest publication by NASBE which focuses on Early Learning, and links articles and research briefs included in her monthly posted report called “News Updates and Information” is provided monthly.  There is now a link added to the SBE home page for easier access to these reports and local and national articles related to education issues which are provided for review by the Board and public.
    • Johnson updated the Board on the work related to the Literacy Campaign and highlighted the upcoming meetings for the steering committee and subcommittees of the Campaign for Grade Level Reading.
    • Secretary Bunting provided a comprehensive report to the Board which included details about The JFC budget hearing, a presentation before the Combine House and Senate Education Committees, the approval of and signing of an MOU by the Christina School Board to address changes for five low performing schools in the non-contiguous portion of the district, an event highlighting the implementation of a program to address preparation of students in ELA and guarantee their opportunity to enter credit bearing courses in Delaware colleges and universities, several school visits and opportunities to engage with members of the business community and other policy leaders,  meetings with school administrators, educators, and students in which she had been involved throughout the month.  She also addressed the submission of  a science assessment waiver from US ED requesting that since we are piloting the Next Generation Science Standards reflective new assessment that our students not be required to also take the old Science assessment. Additionally the Department has submitted an ESSA accountability amendment requesting that for a single year we be allowed to exclude the science and social studies assessment results from the state’s accountability formula since both the science and social studies assessments are being piloted this spring.
    • The Board recognized and received a presentation from the 2017 Milken Educator, Tami Lunsford.  Following her presentation and discussion with the Board they honored her with the SBE Award of Excellence.
    • Department Regulations
      • Regulation 1008 DIAA Junior High and Middle School Interscholastic Athletics and Regulation 1009 DIAA High School Interscholastic Athletics were presented to the Board for action.  Both regulations passed unanimously by voice vote.
    • The monthly Charter School update was posted for information and updated the Board on the current reviews and application evaluations underway by the Charter School Accountability Committee.
    • The Professional Standards Board  presented Regulation 1515 for final action. It was approved unanimously by voice vote.  Additionally Regulation 1521 Elementary Teacher was approved for publication and will be before the Board next month for discussion.  It is out for public comment during the month of March.
    • The Board had two members of the public give public comment.  They expressed gratitude to Denise Stouffer and the Charter School office as well as other members of the DDOE for the support to Providence Creek Academy following a recent tragedy involving the sudden death of a staff member.  The supports and services made available to their staff and students to help with the grief following the tragic loss was incredibly helpful and very appreciated.

    The next regular monthly meeting of the State Board is scheduled for

    Thursday, March 15, 2018

    The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.


Last Modified on April 3, 2018