•  State Board Meeting Highlights December 14, 2017

    The State Board of Education held its Regular Monthly Board Meeting on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

     All materials and presentations from the meeting can be accessed on the online meeting platform posted within each month’s agenda as posted on our website (www.destateboarded.k12.de.us ).  

    The audio recording from the meeting is now posted on the State Board website.  An index of the recording with live links by section is copied below.

    • Board members discussed education events in which they had been involved including a Delaware School Boards Association workshop, Roundtable discussions on education with local business leaders, attendance at a recent Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) and NASBE combined leadership forum, and the recent State Board workshop on School report card design revisions. The Executive Director presented her report which included discussion of the sessions attended while at the National Summit on Education Reform with links included in her report, attendance at the Governor’s Roundtable on Work-Based Learning, and a review of several of the articles and studies linked throughout the posted report called “News Updates and Information.” This report provided monthly includes local and national articles related to education issues which are provided for review by the Board and public.
    • Secretary Bunting provided a comprehensive report to the Board which included details about several opportunities to engage with members of the business community at the state and national level,  the continuation of school visits and meetings with school leaders, educators, and students in which she had been involved throughout the month.  These visits included meeting with the Governor’s ESSA Advisory Committee, the Family Services Council, the School District Consolidation Task Force. She also was very involved in events related to the state’s Pathways to Prosperity Initiative.  She participated on a panel at the American Youth Policy Forum, toured several Pathways classrooms at William Penn HS, and joined the Governor in convening a panel of Delaware’s education and business leaders at the “work-Based Learning Roundtable.” She updated the Board on high level details of the FY19 DOE budget, which included increases based on enrollment/unit growth and related allocations, funding for early childhood tiered reimbursement, and public school transportation. Additionally they requested $3 million for Opportunity grants, $1 million for middle school math coaches, $11 million for public education salary steps and paraprofessional compensation enhancements, and $9.8 million to cover Personnel contingency costs.  Her report included an update on the progress underway regarding continued discussions and work to develop a Memorandum of Understanding with the Governor’s Office, DOE, and the Christina School District.  Lastly, she informed the Board of several changes with respect to the DOE leadership team.  She explained that this was a part of their continued reorganization and outlined the changes taking place.  Additionally she thanked Angeline Rivello, Michael Watson, and David Blowman for their admirable work and contributions to the Department’s success in recent years.
    • Denise Stouffer, from the Charter School Office, presented an overview of the charter schools being considered for renewal as well as the process and recommendations from the Charter School Accountability Committee.  Secretary Bunting then announced her decision for each proposed renewal and requested the assent of the Board in those renewal decisions.  The following charters were granted renewals:
      • Academia Antonia Alonso  - granted a five year renewal
      • Early College High School at DSU – granted a five year renewal
      • First State Montessori Academy – granted a five year renewal
      • Sussex Academy – granted a ten year renewal which also includes, in accordance with statute, a midpoint review of the annual performance and program evaluations that include academic, financial, and operations data. If the level of performance at that point were deemed deficient for renewal standards, the approving authority could begin the formal review process.
      • Thomas A. Edison Charter School – granted a five year renewal with conditions as outlined in the CSAC final report. Failure to meet the conditions in this renewal would result in a formal review process.
      • The charter office also announced that all performance reports were posted on its website and all annual reports had been received from charter school in accordance with the December 1stdue date.  The annual reports will be reviewed for completion and then posted on the Charter School Office website after the new year.
    • The Board received a presentation on the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS).  The members of the Department of Education reported the performance data, results of the annual survey, and outlined recent changes to the system as well as provided some information about the perception and views from those educators using an alternate evaluation system. Additional information and resources from the DPAS presentation were provided on the agenda page for this item.
    • Department Regulations 925: Children with Disabilities Subpart D, Evaluations, Eligibility Determination, Individualized Education Programs  was presented for discussion with action anticipated next month.

    Regulation 501 was presented for discussion and the presentation included an overview of the proposed Financial Literacy and Computer Science standards.  There are planned community engagement sessions in December for the Financial Literacy Standards and the community sessions on the Computer Science Standards were completed in November.  Comments can still be accepted on all of these regulations through January 2, 2018.

    • The Board received public comment on regulation 501 following the presentation and Board discussion by two members of the public that both supported the adoption of these new standards.
    • The Professional Standards Board  brought forward regulation 1515, Hearing Rules and Procedures for discussion, following its publication last month.  This regulation will be open for public comment through January 2, 2018.
    • The Board received public comment from the Delaware School Boards Association regarding an update on their recent activities and their Executive Director provided a report to the Board detailing recent actions and work of DSBA.  The Board also heard public comment from a parent that commented on the Charter renewals, the DPAS presentation, and the recent bill being circulated regarding school board member removal.
    • The Board received an update from its Deputy Attorney General regarding two appeal requests that had been received regarding student disciplinary appeals.  Both of those appeals are currently in process and will likely not come before the Board for action until February.

    The next regular monthly meeting of the State Board is scheduled for

    Thursday, January 18, 2018

    The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.

Last Modified on April 3, 2018