• State Board Meeting Highlights September 19, 2017

    The State Board of Education held its Regular Monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

    All materials and presentations from our meeting can be accessed on our online meeting platform every month and directly from our website (www.destateboarded.k12.de.us ).  

    • Here is a direct link to the agenda complete with links and attached documents related to presentations and other items before the Board:  SBE Monthly Meeting Agenda

    The audio recording from the meeting is now posted on the State Board website.  An index of the recording with live links by section is copied below.

    • The Board received an update from its Executive Director which included discussion of the Lead for Delaware Certification Ceremony and discussion by several Board members who attended the stakeholder workshop held by the Board on Monday, September 18th on School report card design.  The  workshop information and materials are available on the website link for the event: SBE Workshop – Data Dashboards and School Report Cards under ESSA and include an overview of the federal and state requirements for school, district, and state report cards as well as survey data from parents and community members across the nation and samples of report card best practices.
    • The State Board selected Dr. Terry Whittaker as their voting member for the Annual NASBE Conference to be held in November.
    • An update on multiple education initiatives was provided by Secretary Bunting, including discussion of ongoing work related to supporting our most underperforming schools and coordinated efforts related to initiatives to better support Wilmington schools.  She discussed numerous school visits and discussions with education leaders throughout the state. She highlighted the ongoing work the Department is leading to develop an anti-discrimination policy for our schools and the numerous community and stakeholder discussions underway to shape this policy.
    • Associate Secretary for Educator Support, Angeline Rivello, and data fellow, Raifu Durodoye presented an update on Educator Quality and data related to the state’s Equity plan.  They share details regarding the development of the Equity Dashboard and discussed supports and programs that are showing success with respect to developing stronger programs for school leadership and educator preparation, mentoring and induction programs, and on-going work related to improved professional learning.  The resources shared and the presentation are linked within the Board agenda website. 
    • The Board received data and analysis regarding subgroup performance and achievement gaps on our Statewide Assessments in ELA and Math.  Chief Academic Officer, Michael Watson, and Director of Assessment, Theresa Bennett presented the data and discussed bright spots of proficiency gains and gap closures along with information from those highlighted schools regarding the programs and initiatives most contributing to these gains.
    • The Board approved Professional Standards Board regulation 1515, Hearing Rules and Procedures for publication, discussed Regulation 1511 Issuance and Renewal of a Continuing License and approved 16 other regulations for final order, all of which had been before the Board in July and August for publication and discussion.  None of the regulations received any public comment prior to action.

    The next regular monthly meeting of the State Board is scheduled for

    Thursday, October 19, 2017

    The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.

Last Modified on April 3, 2018