• State Board Meeting Highlights August 17, 2017

    The State Board of Education held its Regular Monthly Board Meeting on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

    All materials and presentations from our meeting can be accessed on our online meeting platform every month and directly from our website (www.destateboarded.k12.de.us ).  

    The audio recording from the meeting is now posted on the State Board website.  An index of the recording with live links by section is copied below.

    • This was the second month of implementation for the new Public Comment procedure for State Board meetings.  This policy provides opportunities for the Board to receive public comment at multiple points throughout the agenda.  These are listed on the agenda linked above as well as fully outlined in the SBE Procedures Manual
    • The Board received an update from its Executive Director which included discussion of the Delaware Goes to College Academy and the announcement of an upcoming workshop sponsored by the State Board on School report card design.  The  workshop will be held September 18th in Dover in the Capital room of Dover Grotto’s from 5pm – 8pm and will include an overview of the federal and state requirements for school, district, and state report cards as well as hear from national experts on best practices and survey data related to the display of information.  Additional information will be sent out later this week regarding the workshop.
    • The State Board received an update on multiple education initiatives from Secretary Bunting, including discussion of new resources which provide an overview of the state’s ESSA plan. These are posted on the SBE and DOE website
    • Luke Rhine, Director of Career and Technical Education and STEM Initiatives for the Department of Education presented an update on the Pathways to Prosperity Plan and provided a quarterly report on the state’s progress on goals and objectives within the combined Perkins and WIOA plan. The presentation as well as quarterly report and strategic plan update are linked within the Board agenda website. 
    • The Board approved amendments to Regulation 292 - Post Secondary Institutions and Degree Granting Institutions of Higher Learning.  There were no public comments submitted regarding these changes. The Charter School Office presented their monthly update
    • The Professional Standards Board presented Regulation 1511 – Issuance and Renewal of a Continuing License for publication and numerous regulations for discussion.  The Board voted to publish Regulation 1511 in the Registrar of Regulation in September. Any comments received on the regulations currently out for comment and in their discussion month will be reviewed by the PSB as well as the State Board at the close of the comment period, which is the end of August.  Such comments will be considered prior to final action being taken on those items in September.

    The next regular monthly meeting of the State Board is scheduled for

    Thursday, September 21, 2017

    The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.   

Last Modified on April 3, 2018