• Delaware Student Growth Model (Measure A)

    For updates related to changes in the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19, please see our Educator Evaluation Guidance Document or visit the Educator Evaluation Guidance and Resources Page.

    Student Growth Projections FAQ

     SY 2019-20 Measure A FAQs

    Instructions for creating Measure A Projected Growth Target reports

    SY 2019-20 Measure A Growth Targets: How to Guide?

    By creating this report, teachers are able to view their current class of students’ ELA or Math SBAC projected growth target scale score for SY 2019-20. This report helps inform a teacher of an individual student’s needed growth on each assessment.

    Delaware Student Growth Model (Measure A rating) Module

    This module helps provide information about how the 2019-20 projection model was developed, how the student targets were set, and how the teacher ratings are calculated.

    This presentation is also available as a PDF.

Last Modified on February 9, 2021