• Delaware Student Growth Model (Measure A)

    SY 2017-18 Student Growth Projections FAQ

    SY 2017-18 Student Growth Projections FAQ

    Measure A general growth target tables are available within PerformancePLUS.  The tables outline student growth projections for use with Measure A goals as part of the DPAS II process during the 2017-18 academic year by grade-level and subject area.

    Instructions for creating Measure A Projected Growth Target reports

    Instructions for creating Measure A Growth Target reports

    By creating this report, teachers are able to view their current class of students’ ELA or Math SBAC projected growth target scale score for SY 2017-18. This report helps inform a teacher of an individual student’s needed growth on each assessment.

    Delaware Student Growth Model (Measure A rating) Module

    This module helps provide information about how the 2017-18 projection model was developed, how the student targets were set, and how the teacher ratings are calculated.

    This is the corresponding PowerPoint and presenter's notes as seen in the video.

Last Modified on March 13, 2018