• Current PDMS Course Offerings for Administrators

    All courses are available for registration on PDMS. If you would like to register for a course and have trouble, please contact either Angela Socorso (angela.socorso@doe.k12.de.us), Michael Saylor (michael.saylor@doe.k12.de.us), or Seher Ahmad (seher.ahmad@doe.k12.de.us) for assistance.

    Courses & Descriptions for 2021-2022: 

    Course #28996: DPAS II for Administrators Overview

    The DPAS-II for Administrators Overview Course is a series of short videos that explain all five components of the evaluation system. Additionally, a video is included that explains the purpose of a summative conference. Each video includes a modeled conversation between an administrator and evaluator.

    This course is an excellent introduction or review of the evaluation system. In addition to the videos, you will also find a copy of the DPAS-II for Administrators Guide and a copy of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL). The evaluation system is aligned to PSEL, the adopted standards for leaders in Delaware. This course does not lead to credentialing.

    DPAS II Boot Camp Training for Teacher/Specialist System - Observation and Evaluation [Mandatory]

    As we prepare for the shift to move to the new teacher evaluation system in the fall of 2022, the training for DPAS II credentialing are different in format and type. There are now two types of certification training: DPAS II for Teachers and DPAS II for Specialists. All of these courses are available in PDMS. The synchronous session is facilitated by the Danielson Group. The session is virtual starting at 9am and ending at 3pm with 2-hours of a break in between the morning and afternoon session.

    Just a note: after you complete the asynchronous webinars, be sure to check the Assurance.

    DPAS II Teacher Training for Evaluators – PDMS #29159 (asynchronous)

    DPAS II Boot Camp Webinar – PDMS #28089 (asynchronous)

    DPAS II Specialist System – PDMS #29814 (synchronous)


    Course # 27795: DPAS II for Evaluating Administrators (New Evaluators) [Mandatory]

    This is a required, one-day training for all administrators new to evaluating assistant principals, principals, and/or district administrators. A credentialing assessment is required after participating in the one-day training.

    Training Dates:

    October 4, 2021

    November 16, 2021


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