• End-of-Year Reporting and On-Site Monitoring Information SY 2019-20

    Background Information

    Over the past few years, several districts/charter schools applied for, and received, a waiver from the Delaware Department of Education from the provisions outlined as part of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System II (DPAS-II). In order to document the progress and lessons learned from Delaware's alternative educator evaluation systems, the Department requires existing users to:

    • Submit an end-of-year reports to the DDOE
    • Participate in at least one on-site visit per approval cycle

    These reports provide transparency and critical information to the DDOE to support determinations of continuance. They also provide the opportunity for districts/charter schools to:

    • Communicate evaluation system information
    • Monitor and track progress
    • Demonstrate impact
    • Document lessons learned
    • Improve the evaluation system through reflection and feedback

    Please refer to the End-of-Year/On-Site Overview.

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    Alternative Educator Evaluation Implementation Rubric

    The At-A-Glance Rubric linked below shares a specific vision for implementation fidelity for alternative educator evaluation systems in Delaware. The At-A-Glance Rubric highlights the five critical key areas of focus (collective bargaining, student growth, observation processes & protocols, educator support, and evaluator training, certification, and calibration) and their corresponding indicators. This rubric is intended to provide transparency and allow LEAs to self-monitor performance and growth. In addition to DDOE’s yearly assessment process, LEAs are encouraged to supplement with their own processes designed to surface more cross-cutting and in-depth data to guide implementation supports provided to educators. Please note that DDOE does not intend to provide a “scored” version of the rubric to LEAs. Instead, this information is distributed in the spirit of creating a shared vision for quality implementation and improving practice.

    Please refer to the At-A-Glance Alternative Educator Evaluation System Implementation Rubric.

    Detailed information about the end-of-year reporting requirements can be found in the End-of-Year/On-Site Overview and the End-of-Year Report Template 2019-2020, due September 18, 2020.

    NEW for SY2019-2020

    All Formative and Summative data must be entered into Data Service Center’s (DSC) DPAS-II platform – specifically configured for each alternative system unless approved by DDOE to use another platform.

    Questions about monitoring or reporting?

    Shannon Holston - Director, Educator Effectiveness
    Educator Supports Team
    Email: Shannon.Holston@doe.k12.de.us
    Phone: (302) 735-4023

Last Modified on October 31, 2019