Alternate Measure B Submission Process

  • Important Note:  This page currently contains information on the alternate Measure B submission process during the 2016-17 school year.  The process will be modified for the 2017-18 school year as funds are not available to send all assessments for an external review and an initial internal screen will first occur.  Additional information will be available in early 2018.  There will be an intent to apply form due (anticipated late February 2018) and single application deadline (anticipated early April 2018).  No applications will be reviewed in advance of that time.  The information on this page will remain available as the application will remain largely the same with additional narrative prompts to assist with the internal screen.

    LEAs may submit proposed assessments for use as alternate Measure B assessments for the Student Improvement Component of DPAS-II. These pre/post assessments may be internally developed by the district/charter, or they may be developed by the district/charter in collaboration with a third party. Submissions of assessments directly from third parties will not be entertained.

    The Department of Education partners with Research in Action (RIA) to provide the process, materials, and training for the creation and review of alternate measures.

    To begin the process, a LEA submits an application for the review and approval of the pre and post tests and related documents. By submitting this application, the LEA agrees to work collaboratively with RIA on all related documents until a final decision is made by the Department on acceptance or rejection of the proposed measures. The Department may fund the review and/or development process but reserves the right to request a cost-sharing agreement with the LEA in some situations. Upon final approval of the assessment, the LEA will be issued an approval letter by the Department and may then begin to administer the assessments.

    Assessments proposed for use in the Fall of 2017 must be submitted no later than May 1, 2017. Assessments submitted after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis but are not guaranteed to be reviewed before the Fall of 2017. Final acceptance dates are not guaranteed and depend on the extent of revisions needed and the LEA&squo;s ability to revise documents in a timely manner.  Please check back on this website for updated Alternative Measure B updates.