• DPAS-II for Teachers/Specialists Credentialing Process


    The credentialing process, consisting of training and successful completion of a credentialing assessment, was designed to establish qualifications and proficiency of evaluators to utilize DPAS-II. The credentialing assessment is a minimal competency assessment that measures participants’ understanding of the information and practices provided during training and/or needed for implementation. All observers must complete relevant training and pass the credentialing assessment prior to utilizing DPAS-II for evaluative purposes. The credentialing assessment should take no more than three hours and is offered in three different sections (policy, framework, and feedback). Participants may use approved resources, including the DPAS-II Guides for Teachers/Specialists, when taking the assessment. Individuals will have the opportunity to take the assessment multiple times, if needed.


    Observers needing to renew their credentials may do so by completing a training module and passing an online credentialing assessment. Re-credentialing is required every five years in order to maintain credentialed observer status. Observers can also check their credentialing status via DEEDS.


    Observers needing to re-new their credentials may register via PDMS for the online credentialing assessment (PDMS Course #25025). The training module will be accessed at the same time as the assessment and does not require a separate registration. Participants do not need to complete the training and assessment on the same date. The online module should take no more than three hours to complete, and the assessment should take approximately three hours as well. Registration for the online credentialing assessment is currently available. If you have trouble registering, please email Melissa.Oates@doe.k12.de.us or Cindy.Huffman@doe.k12.de.us for assistance.


    Once registered for the assessment, login information will be provided via an email from advancecalibrate@insighteducationgroup.com within 7 to 10 days.

    The online assessment consists of three parts – policy, framework, and feedback. Each section must be successfully completed before moving on to the next. The entire assessment does not need to be completed in one sitting. However, once a section of the assessment is opened, the section must be completed. Participants will immediately be notified of assessment status after completing each section of the assessment. Successful completion of all sections will earn a passing score.

    Additional Information:

    For additional information, please contact Melissa Oates at melissa.oates@doe.k12.de.us .

    Last updated May 26, 2017

Last Modified on January 19, 2021