• Comprehensive Induction Program
    Program Requirements

    New School Nurse: Steps For Year Two

    Year two of the induction program focuses on further development of school nurse knowledge and skills. At the beginning of year two, you should complete the Expectations for the School Nurse/Self-Assessment form. You will use this assessment to determine your strengths and needs. Materials are available on Schoology

    Procedural Steps for Year 2

    • Complete the Expectations for the School Nurse/Self-Assessment Form prior to beginning activities for this Mentoring Year. Document the date and circle "Pre Year 2" on the form.
    • Discuss with the School Nurse Mentor your plan for Year 2 activities.
    • Review the orientation checklist with your mentor.
    • Document your individual 5-year plan and its implementation.
    • Periodically review and discuss your progress focusing on professional goals with the School Nurse Mentor.
    • Four required observations by mentor:
      1. Discussion of office management
      2. Preparation for or attendance at IEP/504 meetings
      3. Health teaching (Individual or group)
      4. Self-Assessment Review
    • Two focused observations of another school nurse.
    • Professional Learning Experience-Attendance of Leadership Experience at DSNA Conference.
    • Upon completion of all activities for this year, complete the Expectations for the School Nurse/Self-Assessment Form once again. (Document the date and circle Post Year 2 on the form)
    • Submit the following completed form: Year Two Verification of Services to the School Nurse Lead Mentor. The Lead Mentor will review and forward this document to the Site Coordinator who will record successful completion of Year Two on DEED's.

    Year Two Documentation To Be Placed In The "CIP For School Nurses" Portfolio

    Please place the following items in your portfolio:

    • Pre and Post Self-Assessment Form
    • Form for required observations
    • Five-year plan
    • Proof of completion of School Nurse Certification Classes

    Important Information

    If you move to another district/charter school during the period of time when you hold an Initial License, you are required to present the specified documents related to each of the CIP Years. Failure to provide the documentation may result in your not securing a position or being required to repeat some or all of the missing paperwork.

    After each of the first four years of school nursing, the new nurse's portfolio should contain copies of his/her summative DPAS II evaluations. School Nurses moving from the Initial License to a Continuing License with more than one (1) unsatisfactory DPAS annual summative evaluation during the period of initial licensure are ineligible to be issued a Continuing License. Failure to meet this requirement may result in a required extension of the Initial License or the inability to secure a Continuing License.

    Please verify with your School Nurse Lead Mentor to assure that you are moving through the correct path of evaluation. You are to receive a summative evaluation at the end of each of your three years on the Initial License. A lesson analysis or informal observation is not a summative evaluation. In the event that administration does not provide you with a summative evaluation at the end of the year you should notify your School Nurse Lead Mentor and the Site Coordinator. Clarify your expected completion date with district HR and certification office.

Last Modified on September 13, 2021