• Educators (Birth - 8 Years of Age):
    Early Childhood Special Education Transitions

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  • Transitions happen all the time. In early childhood, children and families experience transition each time some change in general routine occurs. Examples include beginning kindergarten or changing to a new school, moving to a new town or city, starting a new early care and education program, or using a new babysitter or religious education program. Transitions are often mistakenly viewed as single occurring events when they are actually a series of events or processes. How we look at transition and the planning that goes into the process greatly impacts the positive (or negative) results to what occurs next.

    We do know that adequate planning prior to starting something new does have a positive impact on what ultimately happens during and after the transition. We also know that sudden and unplanned transitions can result in negative consequences. Sudden changes in routine may cause stress and/or result in undesirable behaviors. Planned and anticipated transition helps all involved to understand what is to come.

Last Modified on February 20, 2023