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  • Going to Kindergarten is a big step for children and for you as a parent or caregiver. 

    In general, students must be five years of age by August 31 of the current school year to attend kindergarten in the state of Delaware.

    To register your child for kindergarten, please follow the steps below. Contact your local Delaware school district and collect the required documentation.

    Prepare to register (Steps 1-4) in the winter before your child’s August/September kindergarten start!  Registration deadlines vary per school, but most schools have registration events in the early spring months.

  • Steps to Kindergarten Registration

    Please follow these steps to register your child for kindergarten:

    Step 1 – Locate Your School

    Use the online School Feeder Search to locate your feeder school district and local elementary school.

    Type in your address and search.  Choose your address and the school year that you will be enrolling your child.  This link will bring you to a website that has your local elementary school contact information.

    ***Please note that you will need to register with your feeder pattern elementary school first, even if you decide to participate in the School Choice process later. 

    Step 2 – Make Contact to Get Paperwork

    Contact your local elementary school identified in your school feeder search.  Request the required registration paperwork from your school.

    Step 3 – Gather Required Documentation

    You will also need to gather several documents before you can enroll your child in kindergarten.

    Refer to the checklist below for a detailed list of required documentation, also downloadable in two language versions: Get Ready for Kindergarten Checklist (English) and Get Ready for Kindergarten Checklist (Spanish).  The documentation required is:

    • Proof of age, such as an original birth certificate.  Birth certificates can be obtained from Department of Health and Social Services. Contact them for specific requests and requirements:
      • Dover: (302) 744-4549
      • Newark: (302) 283-7130
      • Georgetown: (302) 856-5495
    • Proof of Immunizations.
    • Proof of a physical exam - Call your doctor to schedule a physical exam and obtain this document signed by the doctor.
    • Lead test/Tuberculosis test - Be sure to schedule these important tests during your child's physical exam.
    • Proof of Residence - Please check your local school’s registration packet to determine what is appropriate documentation for proof of residency.
    • Any additional materials required by the school district

    Step 4 - Meet with the School

    Set up an appointment at the school to return the completed paperwork and required documentation.

    Step 5 - Register

    Prepare to register in the winter before your child’s August/September kindergarten start!  Registration deadlines vary per school, but most schools have registration events in the early spring months.

    ***Please note that a family enrolling their child in kindergarten may submit the standard application form for School Choice up until the first day of the kindergarten school year.  However, registering and applying to the School Choice program in early spring gives your child the opportunity to start the year in the school of your choice.

    Learn more about different elementary school options through the GreatSchools Delaware website.

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