• Families & Communities (3 - 8 Years of Age):
    Head Start Collaboration

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  • Section 642B of the Head Start Act authorizes the creation of State and National Collaboration Offices. The Head Start State and National Collaboration Offices Framework guides the work of all collaboration offices. Since 1990, the Administration of Children and Families (ACF) has awarded Head Start collaboration grants to support the development of multi-agency and public and private partnerships at the state and national levels.

    These partnerships are intended to:

    • Assist in building early childhood systems
    • Provide access to comprehensive services and support for all low-income children
    • Encourage widespread collaboration between Head Start and other appropriate programs, services, and initiatives
    • Augment Head Start's capacity to be a partner in state initiatives on behalf of children and their families
    • Facilitate the involvement of Head Start in state policies, plans, processes, and decisions affecting target populations and other low-income families
    • The Office of Head Start has established national and regional priorities that guide Head Start Collaboration Office's work plans
Last Modified on December 12, 2017