• Comprehensive Induction Program
    Program Requirements

    New Counselors: Steps for Year Four

    Steps for Year Four

    Year Four is designed to develop the new school counselor's ability to analyze his/her professional growth over time. The new school counselor will identify an area for skill building or program development directed by a needs assessment and conversations with the Lead Mentor regarding areas for refinement. The new school counselor may be assigned corresponding activities from the textbook assigned by your mentor after discussion with you.

    At the end of Year Four, the new school counselor considers his/her goals for the next five years and puts together a formal professional growth plan which is then reviewed with the Lead Mentor.

    The process for selecting goals and for the documentation of activities is the same for the new school counselor in Year Four as it was for Year Three. It should include activities that will ensure the success of meeting the established goals for the DOE Annual School Review. During this final year, the new school counselor should also begin discussions of the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) and analyze the program needs.

    The completed Professional Growth Plan and Professional Development Plan should be turned into the Lead Mentor as well as to the designated Mentoring Site Coordinator as verification that Year Four has been completed. The Site Coordinator will check the year off as complete in the DEEDS Mentor Center. The new school counselor should also keep copies for his/her own records.

    Year Four - Summary of Activities

    • Activities as assigned from the book assigned by your mentor after discussion with you
    • Conduct a self-analysis
    • Identify areas of strength and areas for growth (select at least one (1) area for growth)
    • Develop a personalized Professional Growth Plan and Professional Development Plan to address area for growth
    • Implement the personalized professional growth plan (action research, individual book study, group book study, lesson study, college courses, or other professional learning as approved by the LEA and aligned with the educator's self-analysis)

    The lead mentor will complete the Lead Mentor Log.


    1. Conduct a self-analysis related to your content area knowledge

      School Counselor Self-Assessment Year Four. You should consider the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) scoring rubric as you complete the Self-Assessment.

    2. Develop your personalized professional growth plan

      Formulate your plan for the required hours and complete the Professional Growth Plan. Submit a copy of the plan to your designated Lead Mentor for review.

    3. Implement your personalized professional growth plan

      Discuss how you will work towards implementing your Growth Plan.

    4. Create tentative plan for obtaining clock hours to renew your Continuing License

      Complete your tentative plan for professional development for the next five years on the Professional Development Plan and submit a copy to your designated Lead Mentor.

    5. Verification/Year Four Sign-Out

      Once you have completed the above requirements for this year, please complete the Year Four Verification of Services Form for New Counselors. The Lead Mentor will complete the Verification Form for Mentor Year 4.

    Documentation of Year Four Completion

    You will be issued a certificate of Completion for Year Four which must be kept for a period of three years.

    Please keep copies of the following as documentation for Year Four:

    Important Information

    If you move to another district/charter school during the period of time when you hold an Initial License, you are required to present the specified documents related to each of the four program years. Failure to provide the documentation for each year may result in your not securing a teaching position or being required to repeat some or all of the program requirements.

    Please verify with your Lead Mentor that you are moving through the correct path of evaluation. You are to receive a summative evaluation in accordance with current Delaware Code and/or Regulations during your time on an Initial License. A formative lesson analysis is not a summative evaluation. In the event your administrator does not provide you with the appropriate summative evaluations, you should notify your site coordinator immediately.

    After the first year of counseling, your personal files should contain copies of your summative DPAS II evaluations. Counselors moving from the Initial License to a continuing license must have proof of two successful summative evaluations. Failure to have this part of the program completed may result in a required extension of the Initial License or the inability to secure a Continuing License.

Last Modified on November 12, 2018