• Comprehensive Induction Program
    Program Requirements

    New Counselors: Steps for Year Three

    In Year Three, new school counselors will focus on issues that a new counselor may confront. This growth directed opportunity will be accomplished using a professional reading as assigned by the Lead Mentor. The professional designed reading will include completion of corresponding activities and can be completed online using a Mentor-led Discussion Board or Face-to-Face.

    Year Three - Summary of Activities

    The new school counselor will also complete the following:

    • Activities as assigned from "In the Trenches: In Search of the Counselor Within" .
    • Involvement with PLCs
    • Professional development
    • Other activities approved by the Lead Mentor

    Sites are provided with copies of "In the Trenches: In Search of the Counselor Within" books to be used by the teams for this year.

    The lead mentor will complete the Lead Mentor Log.


    1. The Lead Mentor will set up and monitor the Discussion Board (DB) through Schoology Assignment Completion Form

      The new counselors will be asked to provide questions for thought-provoking discussion and will take turns leading the discussions. If a Face-to-Face format is chosen, PLC team meetings will take place (See #4).

    2. Teams meet (online or F2F) and determine how they will proceed with future sessions

      Teams will identify a discuss what chapter(s) they will review before the next session. In addition, the members of the team will select the chapter that he/she will facilitate.

    3. Teams establish a communication plan to inform members of the team and the Site Coordinator of their meeting times, locations, and dates.

    4. Conduct PLC team meetings

      If you choose to meet F2F, you may elect to use the PLC Attendance Sheet to track participation at PLC team meetings. When reviewing chapters, use the Assignment Completion form to formulate your thoughts prior to the PLC team meetings. If you are leading a meeting, you may find the Facilitating a Learning Team Meeting form helpful.

    5. Final Reflection

      Using the Big Picture Questions for Knowledge form, new school counselors will reflect on the past year and write a final reflection to submit to and discuss with the Lead Mentor.

    6. Verification/Year Three Sign-Out

      Once the team has completed and documented the required work, they will notify the designated Lead Mentor and submit all documents as required by their district/charter school which may include a Year Three Verification of Services form for New School Counselors. The Lead Mentor will complete the Verification Form for Mentor Year 3.

    Documentation of Year Three Completion

    You will be issued a Certificate of Completion for Year Three which must be kept for a period of three (3) years.

    Please keep copies of the following as documentation for Year Three:

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