• Comprehensive Induction Program

    Site Coordinator Role & Responsibilities

    For the purposes of this document “new educators” refers to both new teachers & specialists

    Each district and charter school is required to appoint at least one educator to assume the role of Comprehensive Induction Program Site Coordinator. As the Site Coordinator, you have the following responsibilities to the program:

    1. Communication within the site:
      • Maintain communication with the Human Resource Office regarding new hires throughout the year. (teachers and specialists)

      • Maintain communication of all new hires with the Lead Mentors. Site Coordinator shall work with Lead Mentors to assign new educators, if applicable.

      • Maintain communication with the specialist Lead Mentors. (Specialist Lead Mentors refer to those Lead Mentors participating in the School Counselor, School Nurse and School Psychologist Mentoring Programs)

      • Filter all questions, concerns and issues from new educators, Mentors and Lead Mentors to the Education Associate whom oversees the program at the Department of Education.

    2. Attend Site Coordinator Meetings.
    3. Maintain the DEEDS Mentor Center:
      • Remember to update list with new educators as you are informed of their hiring and inform Lead Mentor of new hires, including specialists.
      • Contact DOE if and when you are informed of a new educator that does not appear on your Mentee list and you are not able to add them through the "Add a New Mentee" process.
      • Work with HR to resolve any certification issues that are preventing new educators from appearing on the "Mentee list".
      • Enter the names of all Lead Mentors and Mentors by October 31st. Remember that you must check the "This person is a Lead Mentor" button for all Lead Mentors.
      • Check off the appropriate program year under "Update Mentee Progress" in the DEEDS Mentor Center.
      • If the person is to be part of RIF, check the statement.
      • If someone fails to complete the mentoring requirement contact HR and establish the consequence.
      • If the person has completed all program years, remember to send the "evaluate" message to the appropriate person.
      1. Confirm that Mentee List is complete by October 31st and continuously update with new hires throughout the year (Initial and/or Provisional License)
      2. Updating mentee progress
    4. Lead Mentor/Mentor - Coordination & Documentation:
      1. Establish the procedure for how and when all verification forms for Mentors and Lead Mentors will be collected. (this includes specialist Lead Mentors as well as teachers)
      2. Lead Mentors must document completion of work required of Lead Mentors to be eligible for the Lead Mentor stipend. This must include their attendance at the annual Lead Mentor Training held each summer. The Lead Mentor Log should be submitted to you for review before requesting the stipend. The log may include activities such as training, orientation, time spent overseeing and assisting educators in Years 3 & 4, contacts with participants in the program, but it may not include direct mentoring hours if the person is also serving as a Mentor for an educator in Year One or Two.
      3. Mentors and Lead Mentors providing mentoring for new educators in Years One and/or Two only are eligible for the mentoring stipend. The names of the new educators must be attached to the Lead Mentor or Mentor's name. Mentors must submit a log of all mentoring activities completed with each new educator they support. So, if they mentor two, their logs should reflect similar activities for each novice.
      4. Establish how the documentation for the completion for each year will be submitted to you so that you can check off that year in the DEEDS Mentor Center for that new educator. (Do not wait until all four years are complete to check off the first year - check off EACH year as soon as you have reviewed the documentation. This information is used for data purposes)
      5. Determine, with others, how the documents will be stored. (Copies of the Verification of Service Forms and copies of Certificates of Completion should be kept by the site for a minimum of two years).
      6. Certificates - In the DEEDS Mentoring Center, click on "Generate Certificate for Mentee/Mentor" to access the Certificates.
    5. Responsibility for New to the State or Returning Educators (Continuing License):
      1. Work with the Lead Mentors to assure that these educators are placed in the appropriate program year and understand what they must submit at the end of the year.
      2. At the end of the school year, during close-out, make certain that you check the statement indicating they have completed the one year mentoring requirement.
    6. Educators Requiring an Extension to Complete Mentoring:
      • Name of district/charter school
      • Name of educator
      • Date hired
      • Whether the educator is on an Initial or Continuing License
      • The license expiration date
      • Justification for the extension
      • Signature of the HR/Personnel Director
      • The following persons should be copied on the email:
      1. Establish a procedure by which the need for an extension will be communicated to the appropriate person.
      2. Extension must be requested through HR and the superintendent on official letterhead.
      3. This request may be submitted via email to the Education Associate overseeing the Comprehensive Induction Program, (Tiffany Green) and must contain the following information:
    7. Requesting Mentor Stipend Pay
      1. Complete the "request stipend" process for each Lead Mentor. Lead Mentors are not attached to new educators in Year Three and/or Four. Their compensation for their work with Year 3 and 4 educators is included within the $1500 Lead Mentor Stipend. However, if they mentor educators in Years One and/or Two, they must follow the same requirements as the regular Mentors and submit a mentor log in addition to the Lead Mentor Log to receive the extra stipend. To request pay for this Lead Mentor, please follow the same guidance as for Mentors below.
      2. Request pay for each Mentor. Mentors may be attached to only new educators in Years One and/or Two. Do not attach new educators in Years Three and Four to any Mentor as one-on-one Mentors are not required or funded for Years Three and Four.
      3. Lists will be checked and if Lead Mentors or Mentors are attached to new educators in Years Three and/or Four without permission they will be decoupled, you will be informed and the stipend pay will not be issued for that Lead Mentor or Mentor.
      4. Check your list several times for accuracy. DOE also reviews progress during the pay timeframe, but they cannot see errors such as leaving a name off the list. If you have any concerns, contact DOE staff for assistance.
      5. Site Coordinators should request pay for as many of the site's Lead Mentors and Mentors as possible through the DEEDS Mentor Center. However, if there is a Mentor whom is unable to be assigned in the DEEDS Mentor Center to his/her correct Mentee, the Site Coordinator shall use the Mentor Stipend Submission Supplemental Verification Formas a method for to request the stipend payment. The Site Coordinator shall complete either Section A or Section B of the form as applicable and forward via email to Tiffany Green at tiffany.green@doe.k12.de.us by the stipend pay request deadline.
      6. A designated date for the submission of stipend pay will be sent to you by DOE. All stipend pay requests must be submitted by the deadline date. After that date the site will be responsible for paying any person that the site has not submitted a pay request for.
      7. Every effort is made to assure that stipend funds are cleared and transferred in time for the sites to place in a June paycheck. However, once the requests have been reviewed and cleared the mentoring staff is no longer able to make any additions or changes as the process has moved on to the finance office. Any errors or oversights made by the site will result in the site assuming responsibility for the pay.
      8. Sites will be informed of the date by which the monies have been transferred and details on the process by which it has been sent as soon as that information is released from the Department's finance office.
      9. Only the site coordinator should contact DOE mentoring staff in regard to pay issuance. Please make sure that your Lead Mentors and Mentors understand this and request that they bring all questions and concerns regarding pay to you first.
      10. While the Lead Mentors and Mentors do receive an email message from DEEDS stating that pay was requested, that message merely means that the pay has been requested by the Site Coordinator. Please inform all Lead Mentors and Mentors of this fact and that they should not make calls to DOE mentoring staff relative to when pay will be issued in the paychecks.
      11. The site should establish the method by which staff will be informed of when the site has posted the pay in their checks.

    Revised 4/17/17

Last Modified on September 13, 2021