• Special Education Strategic Plan Advisory Council (SESPAC)

    Delaware's Special Education Strategic Plan Advisory Council (SESPAC) was established to ensure continued collaboration in the further development of the strategic plan, and to advise and support its implementation. The council is self-governing and comprised mostly of members who are special education directors/statewide program directors and family/student advocates in as equal a measure as is practical. The council advises and collaborates with those responsible for the direct implementation of the strategic plan elements.

    SESPAC believes that all children with disabilities can reach their full potential through a student-centered, individualized education system using a collaborative and supportive model. The council believes in stakeholders leading collaboration between schools, families, and communities to create inclusive education to ensure student success and growth as well as equity of special education and related services across Delaware. Based on its vision the council identified seven major needs areas. Each need area has goals listed below.


    Need areas, goals:

    • Students - To increase the success of students with disabilities by improving their ability to become active, valued, and participating members of their community, today and in the future.
    • Staff/Partners - To have a highly engaged and effective workforce with appropriate values, skills, and knowledge for today’s and tomorrow’s work.
    • Delivery Structure/ Systems - 1) To make available the same array of evidence based practices and models of service deliveries regardless of a student’s placement. 2) To modify delivery system to facilitate the achievement of other goals.
    • Parents/Families - To increase the engagement with parents and families as partners in collaboration to support their children at home and at school with access and knowledge of the resources they need. 
    • Resources - To acquire more resources as needed and maximize the efficiency in use of our existing resources.
    • Policy/Regulations - To add, delete, and modify policies and regulations to support our current and future goals and objectives.
    • Community - To increase the levels of support and collaboration through engagement and education.



    Subcommittees exist to further develop each goal area and suggest preliminary strategies to achieve said goal and metrics to measure progress towards the goal.


    Additional Resources

    The Special Education Strategic Council was authorized through a unique partnership between the 147 th Delaware General Assembly and the Secretary of Education, the Delaware Department of Education (DOE) to perform a review of special education services within the state’s public schools. In addition, DOE created a position to conduct this review and subsequently created a strategic plan. This partnership was formalized in the Delaware FY 2015 Budget, Section 307 Epilogue.

    • SESPAC Strategic Plan - Outlines the current SESPAC vision and goals for Delaware special education services.  
    • Membership list – Lists current SESPAC members and the organizations they represent.
    • Meeting information – Attend upcoming SESPAC meetings. Find dates, agendas and past meeting minutes. All meetings are open to the public.
    • Interest form - Coming soon

Last Modified on January 14, 2021