• Comprehensive Induction Program

    Years One and Two for Mentors

    Years One and Two of the Comprehensive Induction Program for Teachers focuses on classroom environment, lesson preparation and planning, and instruction. During Years One and Two, the Mentor should support the novice educator as they establish an environment in which learning takes place, strengthen their ability to select and organize lesson content and student skills to be taught, and deliver content, that engages students in the process of learning and involves them in decisions when possible.

    Just as in the initial phase, the new teacher's journey is a personal one. The length of time that they may take to complete the steps is not prescribed. Your role is to help them assess their performance so that they can make accurate decisions about their current performance levels. You may be asked to secure resources or other support for them as they work to refine a component of practice.

    Refresher Before You Begin

    1. You are a coach in this process. Resist the urge to tell the new teacher how you would do things. Allow them to develop their own skills and knowledge. They may not be what you would do, but the question is "Are they effective?"
    2. Remember to reflect on your biases so that you focus on the practices that you see and hear without being influenced by your own professional style.
    3. You are an advocate for the new teacher. This role may require you to see that the new teacher has the support, resources, and other things needed to be successful. This may mean that you are the person who goes forth and makes the requests. If you discover a barrier to the new teacher's success over which you have no control, it is appropriate to bring this to the attention of the mentoring site coordinator.
    4. You are not the judge of practice in this role. While you may disagree with the decision(s) of the new teacher in terms of his/her practice, it is ultimately his/her own responsibility to assess and highlight their current performance levels. If you think their assessment is not accurate, you should use questioning techniques and ask them for concrete evidence of practice to help them consider their ratings. Remember, your role is to point out what you see and hear in terms of their practices.

    Sign Out

    At the end of Year One and Year Two, the Mentor should complete the appropriate Verification of Services Form for Mentors. This should not be done while you are meeting with the new teacher. This is a personal statement. You only need to check the statements and sign the form. This is the opportunity for you to note any issues that you may have regarding the new teacher. If you feel that he/she moved on prematurely, this is the time to state so. If you feel that you are not able to continue your work with the new teacher, please be honest. Send the completed form to the Lead Mentor/Site Coordinator as indicated by your school/district.

    New Teacher Documentation for Completion of Years One and Two

    Copies of the following documents should be kept by the new teacher for a period of three years: ( you should check with your Site Coordinator as some districts/schools may require additional information to be kept.)

    • Certificate of Completion for Years One and Two
    • Verification of Services for New Teachers for Years One and Two
    • Certificate of Completion for the ethics course (Year One only)

    Additional Important Information

    Mentors, please help the new teacher to determine whether the evaluation process is being properly followed and that he/she is provided with a summative DPAS II evaluation at the end of this year

    If a teacher moves to another district/charter school during the period of time when they hold an Initial or Provisional License, he/she will be required to present the specified documents related to each of the four program years. If the person cannot provide the documentation, they may not be able to secure a new teaching position or may be required to repeat some or all of the Comprehensive Induction Program.

    You should familiarize yourself with the overview material provided for New Teachers:

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