• Delaware State Report Card Public Engagement

    Data Visualizations

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When sharing data we often find tables of numbers that can be confusing, but when visuals are added, the picture becomes clearer.

    Our goal for the Delaware Report Card is to do just that. The report card will not only provide data but also help parents, caretakers, community members and other stakeholders understand educational data using visuals and context.

    Child Coloring

    Community Conversations

    The Delaware Department of Education hosted five community conversation meetings throughout the state  in October 2017. The meetings were designed to provide background about the Delaware Report Card and to solicit revision recommendations for how educational information and data will be shared with the public.  Here is what we learned:

    College and/or Career Preparedness -  When reviewing educational data, stakeholders valued college and/or career preparedness information the most. Student behavior, graduation rates, postsecondary outcomes, proficiency, school programs and curricular offerings were also noted as “need to know” information.

    Word Cloud highlighting community conversation themes

    Context matters -  The report card will need to go beyond defining a term when sharing data, and also describe why it matters in relation to monitoring school performance and progress.

    The term “report card” can be misunderstood -  The Delaware Report card not only provides educational data, but also provides educational information about performance and progress at the state, district, charter and school levels.

    We need to hear more from parents, caregivers and underrepresented stakeholders -  The new report card will hold great potential to empower parents, caregivers and traditionally underserved stakeholders with education information to engage meaningfully in public education decisions.


    Community Conversations Resources

    Summary of Community Conversations

    Community Conversations Presentation

    Community Conversations Activities

    Focus Group - Presentation


    Delaware State Report Card Timeline

    The Delaware report card provides comprehensive and understandable information at the State, District, and School levels, enabling parents, community members and other stakeholders to engage meaningfully in public education decisions.

    Between now and the end of June 2018, we will be hosting a series of engagement activities, and asking for community input, so the Department can better understand what information should be in the report card, and the best ways to present that information.

    Development will be finished by the end of October 2018, and the final report card will be published by the end of December 2018.

    Timeline showing the various steps we will be taking to create our State education report card

    Please email questions or comments to delaware.reportcard@doe.k12.de.us

Last Modified on May 8, 2018