• Comprehensive Induction Program

    Instructions for Requesting Substitute Reimbursements

    For Business Office Personnel

    The Department of Education provides reimbursement for substitute coverage for teachers or specialists while they are participating in a required function of the Comprehensive Induction Program during the school day (e.g., observations, meetings).

    Depending on the site, the request for the substitute reimbursement will be initiated by the site's financial office one of the following two ways:

    • IV: If subs are hired through an outside agency, district/charter finance office should initiate an IV for the reimbursement, note "attention Renee' Holt" in the comment section of the IV, and email the DPR007 and a copy of the Voucher where payment was made to the outside agency to Carol Frisa.
    • PFA: If substitutes are district/charter employees, the district/charter finance office shall forward the most recent PFA form and DPR007 to the attention of Carol Frisa.

    In addition to the above financial documentation, the Site Coordinator or financial office must submit a signed "Substitute Reimbursement Request Form" to Carol Frisa via email at carol.frisa@doe.k12.de.us including the following information for verification purposes:

    • Name of mentor/lead mentor/mentee that is being covered by the sub
    • Date of observation/meeting/mentoring activity
    • Description of activity (observation, meeting, training) and PDMS Course# if applicable
    • Name of teacher(s)/mentee(s) that is being observed (if applicable)
    • Name of Substitute
    • # of hours (half-day, full day etc)
    • Amount requested in the reimbursement - to be paid at the rate for class of substitute outlined in 14 Del.C.§1326

    Reminder: These reimbursement funds are for mentoring use only; therefore, the entire amount of time that the substitute is used must be spent on a mentoring related activity.

    To maximize the use of these funds, sites should schedule multiple observations and conferences on the same day. If that's not possible, sites should use half-day substitutes.

Last Modified on September 13, 2021