• Comprehensive Induction Program
    Instructions For DEEDS Mentor Center

    Manual Data Entry of New Lead Mentors/Mentors into Deeds Mentor Center

    Deadline is October 31st
    (Mentors for new educators hired late in year up through December may be added to list after deadline)

    After the Site Coordinator creates the Mentor List in the DEEDS Mentor Center using the "Create Mentor List From Last Year's List" option, he/she must then review the Mentor List to confirm that all Lead Mentors and Mentors that will be serving in the program for that school year are listed.

    Reminder: An educator must meet the following qualifications to serve as a Lead Mentor or a Mentor:

    • Hold a Continuing or Advanced License
    • Have Satisfactory DPAS II Evaluations
    • Must not be on an Improvement Plan

    Mentors and Lead Mentor names can be entered by following these instructions:

    • Log in to EdAccess
    • Click on the yellow "DEEDS" icon.
    • Click on "Mentoring Center"
    • Click on "Add a Mentor"
    • Enter the last 4 digits of the SS# (or the Employee ID #), the birth date, and the first 2 characters of the last name (as prompted), and,
    • Only if this person is a Lead Mentor click the "Yes" box (if Mentor - leave it blank)
    • Click "add"
    • Review the list to make sure that the name is there (listed in alphabetical order by last name)

    Mentors and Lead Mentor names can be deleted by simply clicking on "Delete Mentor" next to his/her name on the Mentor List.

    Updated 4/17/2017

Last Modified on September 13, 2021