• School District Consolidation Task Force

    House Concurrent Resolution 39 as amended 

    House Concurrent Resolution 39 as amended was passed by the House and Senate on July 2, 2017.  This resolution requires a task force to be established to:

    1. Examine issues and existing research related to the consolidation of school districts;
    2. Study and make findings related to the financial feasibility and impact of school district consolidation;
    3. Study implementation challenges associated with school district consolidation;
    4. Examine and identify incentives that may be used to encourage schools districts to consolidate or reorganize; and
    5. Make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly concerning a proposed direction for public education consolidation based upon its findings.

    The report of its findings and recommendations to the members of the Delaware General Assembly are due no later than January 30, 2018.


    School District Consolidation website

    More information from the Delaware General Assembly, including committee members and meeting agendas.

Last Modified on November 1, 2017