• Official Documentation Requirement

    After completing the online application process, you must provide official documentation of all transcripts, certificates, and experience listed in the application.

    Official transcripts, copies of out-of-state teaching certificates, and experience forms should be sent electronically from the originating agency to deeds@doe.k12.de.us, if possible.

    If they are sent by mail, use the address below:

    Delaware Department of Education
    Licensure & Certification
    Collette Education Resource Center
    35 Commerce Way, Suite 1
    Dover, DE 19904

    Secure DEEDS Login

    Applicants and existing educators will log into DEEDS through Classlink. If you do not have a Classlink account, please request a Classlink account

    Praxis I Requirement Eliminated

    Governor Carney signed House Substitute 1 to House Bill 143 as amended by House Amendment 1 into law on June 20, 2017. This bill has eliminated the requirement of Praxis Core (Praxis I) for Licensure. It has also eliminated the Provisional License. Educators with no experience who are receiving their first License will receive a four (4) year Initial License and will have two school years to complete the Performance Assessment requirement.  Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions Praxis Core Testing section for additional information.

    Non-refundable Fee for First Delaware License

    Beginning January 15, 2016, a one-time non-refundable fee of $100 will be charged to educators applying for their first license in Delaware (Initial, Continuing, or Advanced). The applicant must also meet certification requirements prior to a license being issued. The fee will be retained by the State of Delaware whether or not the transaction results in the issuance of a license and certificate.  Refer to 14 Del.C. §122 (27) for details regarding the rules and regulations.

  • Teacher K-12 Certification

  • Applying for Delaware licensure and certification is a two-step process, in that you must hold both a License and at least one Certificate.  The License authorizes you to work in a Delaware public/charter school, and the Certificate(s) identifies the area(s) in which you are authorized to teach.

    License Overview

    Delaware defines "License" as a credential that authorizes the holder to engage in the practice for which the license is issued.  A Delaware educator holds only one license; however, the license type depends on experience as outlined below.

    • Initial License: If you are a brand new educator or have more than one year but less than four years of licensed teaching experience, you should apply for an Initial License.
    • Continuing License: If you have over four years of licensed teaching experience, you should apply for a Continuing License.
    • Advanced License: If you have received National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification, you should apply for an Advanced License.

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  • Certificate Overview

    A Delaware educator can hold multiple certificates to certify their education in a specific area of expertise. The certificate types are detailed below.

    • Standard Certificate: Delaware defines "Standard Certificate" as a credential issued to certify that an educator has the prescribed knowledge, skill or education to practice in a particular area to teach a particular subject, or to teach a category of students.  Find your certification area by reviewing Delaware's list of Standard Certificates. The Professional Standards Board promulgates the regulations governing certification.
    • Emergency Certificate: Delaware defines “Emergency Certificate” as a temporary credential issued to an educator who has obtained employment or an offer of employment with an employing authority and holds a valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced License, but lacks the necessary skills and knowledge to immediately meet certification requirements in a specific content area.
    • Certificate of Eligibility: Delaware defines "Certificate of Eligibility" (COE) as a credential issued to an educator who is participating in a state-approved, appropriate, alternative route to licensure and certification program for teachers of students with disabilities and holds a valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced License.  

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  • DEEDS Application Process Steps

    1. Log in to your DEEDS account.
    2. Apply for the appropriate License and Certificate(s) for the content area you want to teach.
    3. Have a credit card (not a debit card) at hand. There will be a one-time $100 application fee, which is reimbursable upon employment in a Delaware public or charter school.
    4. Request to send all official documentation:
      • All official transcripts.
      • Test Scores (Praxis, ACTFL.)
      • Proof of student teaching, if not on your transcript.
    5. Upon receipt of all documentation, DDOE Staff will review the application and documentation.
    6. DDOE staff will update your application status.  You will receive an email indicating:
      • If you met certification requirements; or
      • If you did not meet certification requirements you will be notified of the documents that are still needed.
    7. You may apply for employment while your License and Certificate(s) are pending. Districts and charter schools will have access to your application information via DEEDS.

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  • Teacher K-12 Documentation Requirements

    The following items must be sent. To ensure speedy processing, please ensure that you follow the documentation guidelines for submission.

    • Official Transcript(s) – minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.
    • Student Teaching on an official transcript. Proof of student teaching, if this does not appear on your transcript.
    • Copy of current and valid out-of-state license, if applicable.
    • Scores on Performance Assessments (ETS, Pearson, ACTFL, other State-authorized).
    • Form E (Verification of Teaching Experience) - if you have over one year of out-of-state teaching experience
    • Test scores should be forwarded to the Delaware Department of Education electronically upon your request.
    • If you are applying with credentials from out of state or out of country, there may be additional requirements.

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  • Documentation Guidelines for Submission

    All documents, with the exception of copies of out-of-state and/or national certificates (if applicable), must be official, meaning that they must be sent directly from the appropriate third party (e.g., the college/university, testing organization, former employer, independent credentialing agency) to the Department electronically to deeds@doe.k12.de.us, or forwarded unopened, by mail to the Department by the candidate.  Applicants submitting test scores should be sure to review the Testing Guidelines for test-specific submission procedures.

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Last Modified on July 30, 2021