• General Private School Information

    For clarification, if your child(ren) withdraws from a Delaware public school to enroll in a Delaware private school, that private school must be in an “open status”, and your child(ren) enrolled in that private school before your child(ren) is/are withdrawn from a Delaware public school. The DDOE must be made aware of their enrollment in the private school or the student will be considered truant in their previous school.


    Private schools are responsible for the courses, course work and supplies needed. The State does not provide or recommend the curriculum of any nonpublic school.

    State Assessments

    State assessments are not administered to nonpublic school students (private or homeschool) by public schools.

    Report Cards and Promotion to the Next Grade

    Report cards will come from the private school. It is up to the private school to determine promotion criteria and promotion is reported with the required annual enrollment submission, no later than October 5.

    The State does not issue report cards for any nonpublic school (private or homeschool).


    The diploma will come from the private school. The State does not issue diplomas for any nonpublic school (private or homeschool) or validate any type of credential provided by those schools.

    Students and parents/guardians must investigate the school themselves and ask if they are accredited. Students and parents/guardians may wish to contact a college, university, training program, licensing entities, or employer to determine if they will accept the diploma from the nonpublic school under consideration.

    Participation in Public School Sports

    Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) regulations 1008 and 1009 require that in order for a student to represent a school in interscholastic athletics they must be enrolled at that school as a full-time student and the school must be a member school of the DIAA.

    Participation in Driver Education

    A student enrolled in a Delaware nonpublic school (private and homeschool) and who is a resident of Delaware is entitled to one free driver education course through an adult education program pursuant to DDOE Regulation 540. Adult education programs in a district offering driver education and driver education classes at the YMCA in Dover are approved programs by the DDOE.

    Please note, the course is offered for free but there is a registration fee that varies depending on your selected location.

    Students who are not successful in their initial driver education course may register in any of the adult driver education programs for a fee.

    The parent shall bring the following documents to the adult education program for enrollment in the driver education course.

    • The acknowledgement page showing the student’s enrollment in the nonpublic school. For a copy of the acknowledgement page, log in to the DDOE’s Identity Management System (IMS) and click on the Nonpublic Schools icon. When the nonpublic school’s homepage displays, click the “Print Acknowledgement” link.
    • Bring a copy of the student’s recent report card/grades for verification of eligibility for free driver education and to prove academic eligibility for a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) pursuant to 14 C. § 4125.

    For more information on Driver Education, please visit the Driver Education page

    Social Security Forms

    The private school administrator is the school official and would sign this document. The DDOE will not sign this document.


    Email: nps@doe.k12.de.us or Call: 302-241-2820.

Last Modified on October 11, 2018