• Comprehensive Induction Program

    Initial Phase

    During the first few weeks of school your Mentor will be helping you to become familiar with your school/district/state educational procedures, policies, and requirements. The site coordinator, lead mentor and mentor will work together to help assure that all the requirements for issuance of your initial license have been met, is active and that you have been formally processed and coded correctly by the Human Resources Department.

    Please be sure to log into your DEEDS account to update your email to your new work email, check your educator dashboard and review the letter from Licensure and Certification regarding your license requirements.

    During this time, your Mentor may assist you with the following:

    • Becoming familiar with school, district, and state policies and procedures
    • Securing materials such as supplies, curricular guides, and other resource materials
    • Confirming that you have the appropriate technology, books, and professional materials
    • Discussing specific guidelines, responsibilities, and events that are unique to your building
    • Identifying locations in the school that you will need to know - library, cafeteria, playground, etc.
    • Assuring that you understand the emergency policies and procedures
    • Other needs as identified by you or the site

    Your Mentor will assist with tasks that will help you become successful and effective in your new position.

Last Modified on September 13, 2021