• Comprehensive Induction Program

    Program Overview

    The purpose of the Comprehensive Induction Program (CIP) is to provide educators with the guidance and support necessary to be successful, become familiar with school and district policies and procedures, hone their professional skills, help them evaluate and reflect upon their own professional performance, and develop an individualized growth plan to improve their effectiveness.

    The program structure has been deliberately designed to ensure both local and state-level support for Delaware’s newest educators. Local program roles and responsibilities are as follows:

    Site Coordinator

    CIP Site Coordinators are responsible for local implementation of the program, ensuring program requirements are met, updating educator files within the DEEDS Mentor Center, addressing local challenges which arise, and serving as the liaison between district/charter school and the Delaware Department of Education.

    Lead Mentor

    CIP Lead Mentors are responsible for the school-level implementation of the program. Each Lead Mentor is required to attend annual training provided by the Department of Education. Lead Mentors serve as a resource to Mentors, providing guidance and assistance related to best-practices of supporting novice educators. Additionally, Lead Mentors oversee Year 3 and Year 4 of the program.


    CIP Mentors are responsible for providing direct one-on-one support for novice educators in Years 1 & 2 of the Comprehensive Induction Program. Mentors serve primarily as a guides who support and encourage educators during their first and second year of the educator program. They assist the new educators in looking at their current level of practice in classroom environment, planning and preparation, and instruction. Mentors also conduct non-evaluative observations of educators and provide actionable feedback based on the evidence observed.

    Delaware provides a four (4) year mentoring and induction program for educators who are on an initial license, new to the state, or that have changed their area of licensure, including teachers, school nurses, school counselors, and school psychologists. Educators who are new to the State of Delaware are required to participate in one-year of mentoring and induction activities. The Comprehensive Induction Program is assigned based on the license issued and that the educator is actively employed under. It is focused on providing a comprehensive suite of professional learning activities and supports that meet state, district, and/or school goals.

Last Modified on September 13, 2021