Driver Education Instructors Contact List

School Name Phone Email
A.I. duPont High School Dee Johnson 651-2626
A.I. duPont High School Christina Miller 651-2626
Appoquinimink High School Jamie Theibault 449-3840
Appoquinimink High School Jeff Weiner 449-3840
Appoquinimink High School Mark Reynolds 449-3840
Archmere Academy Michael Walsh 798-6632
Brandywine High School Charles Clausius 479-1600
Brandywine High School Stephen Harden 479-1600
Cab Calloway Kristine Murphy 651-2700
Caesar Rodney High School Matthew Millman 697-2161
Caesar Rodney High School Jeffrey Gravatt 697-2161
Caesar Rodney High School Jessica Reynolds 697-2161
Caesar Rodney High School Dwayne Lavender 697-2161
Cape Henlopen High School Corey Groll 645-7711
Cape Henlopen High School John Conn 645-7711
Cape Henlopen High School Michael Tkach 645-7711
Cape Henlopen High School Shannon Timmons 645-7711
Caravel Academy Randall Johnson 834-8938
Charter Sch of Wilm. Ben Thornes 651-2727
Charter Sch of Wilm. Billy Cunningham 651-2727
Christiana High School Ronald King 631-2400
Concord High School Tim Hamberger 475-3951
Concord High School James Hull 475-3951
Concord High School Francis Sarro 475-3951
Concord High School Lisa Brooks 475-3951
Conrad Schools of Science John Kulesza 992-5545
Delaware Military Academy Robert Lingenfelter 998-0745
Delcastle Tech High School Jason Hewes 995-8100
Delcastle Tech high School Adam Burawski 995-8100
Delcastle Tech High School Jeff Hewes 995-8100
Delcastle Tech High School Scott Vaillancourt 995-8100
Delmar High School David Hearn 846-9544
Delmar High School Tim Kline 846-9544
Delmarva Christian Jeff Mohr 856-4040
Dickinson High School Chris Distefano 992-5500
Dover High School Shawn Plews 241-2400
Dover High School Mike Schock 241-2400
Dover High School Anthony Cain 241-2400
Dover High School Darrell Jones 697-2161
Early College HS @ DSU Karen Dickens 678-3247
First State Military Daniel Bates 223-2150
First State Military Dan Kelleher 223-2150
Freire Charter School Evan DeLorio 407-4800
Glasgow High School Wendy Johnson 631-5600
Glasgow/Christiana High School Robert Polecaro 631-5600
Great Oaks Charter School Steve Reuter 660-4790
Hodgson Votech H.S. Ralph Cicconi 834-0990
Hodgson Votech H.S. Franz Kappel 834-0990
Hodgson Votech H.S. Don Meyer 834-0990
Howard High School Matt Rice 571-5400
Howard High School Tim Casey 571-5400
Indian River High School Drew Raucci 732-1500
Indian River High School Jill Warrington 732-1500
Lake Forest High School Amy Costlow 284-9292
Lake Forest High School Joshua McDuff 284-9292
Laurel High School Kenneth Koon 875-6120
McKean High School Douglas Langley 992-5520
McKean High School Trish Sullivan 992-5520
Middletown High School Stefany Krygier 376-4145
Middletown High School Laura Laise 376-4145
Middletown High School Daniel Spedden 376-4145
Middletown High School Barry Zehnder 376-4145
Middletown High School Mark Reynolds 376-4145
Milford High School Don Parsley 422-1610
Milford High School Jon Nichols 422-1610
MOT Charter School Theresa Lingenfelter 696-2000
MOT Charter School Jean Ramos 696-2000
Mt. Pleasant High School Jeri Magliulo 762-7125
Mt. Pleasant High School Andrea Doyle 762-7125
Newark Charter School Jake Schneider 369-2001
Newark Charter School Pamela Trakas 369-2001
Newark High School Michael James 631-4700
Newark High School Joe DeGregory 631-4700
Odyssey Charter School Bill Sturdivant 516-8000
Padua Academy Lyndsay Krapf 421-3739
Polytech Adult Ed Scott Vaillancourt 697-4545
Polytech High School Frank Wilson 697-3255
Polytech High School Bernie Nowakowski 697-3255
Red Lion Academy - 1st Semester Keevin Galbraith 834-2526
Red Lion Academy - 2nd Semester Randall Johnson 834-2526
Salesianum 654-2495
Salesianum Ryan Sassaman 654-2495
Sanford School Keevin Galbraith 239-5263
Seaford High School August Bradley 629-4587
Seaford High School Lori Ballard 629-4587
Smyrna High School Clay Lloyd 653-8581
Smyrna High School Daniel Wandless 653-8581
Smyrna High School Ryan Dixon 653-8581
Smyrna High School Dan Ippolito 653-8581
St. Andrews Michael Walsh 378-9511
St. Elizabeth's Al Holliday 656-3369
St. Georges Tech H.S. John Green 449-3360
St. Georges Tech H.S. Nathan Pellegrini 449-3360
St. Mark's High School Michael Sanford 738-3300
Sussex Academy Stephen Oscar 856-3636
Sussex Central High School Don MeGee 934-3166
Sussex Central High School Helen Elliott 934-3166
Sussex Central High School Clifford Lawson 934-3166
Sussex Central High School Jonathan Tietz 934-3166
Sussex Tech High School Mark Abbott 856-0961
Sussex Tech High School Merrill Moore 856-0961
Tatnall School Glen Williams 998-2292
Tower Hill Glen Williams 575-0550
Ursuline Academy Thomas Smith 658-7158
William Penn High School Kyle Hitchens 323-2809
William Penn High School Steve Christensen 323-2809
William Penn High School Steve Lepre 323-2809
William Penn High School Nelson Hopkins 323-2809
William Penn High School Peter Servon 323-2809
Wilmington Christian Keevin Galbraith 239-2121
Wilmington Friends Thomas Smith 576-2900
Woodbridge High School Christine Graham 232-3333
Woodbridge High School Bradley Walker 232-3333
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